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What’s in Store- Spring Sports

The team meets up at the pitcher’s mound slapping fives after a good play. “ I have been playing softball for eight years. My favorite position is pitching because that’s where I feel the strongest and I can control the pace of the game,” said freshman Alex Blum.

Ava Jefferson, Staffer

February 21, 2020

With the winter sports coming to an end, the spring sports are taking off. Track baseball, softball and tennis all started conditioning and are getting ready for the upcoming season. Baseball Junior baseball player Patrick Yoder said, “ We practice for baseball five or six times a week.” Sunda...

As Seasons Change, Schedules Do Too

The Junior football player featured in this story stands proudly as he watches his teammates on the field as they are making a play against Crestwood.This player usually is wearing a necklace or a chain that he considers a “lucky item”.

Ava Jefferson, Staffer

February 3, 2020

Did you ever wonder what a day in the life of a PAHS student athlete is like? Spring First alarm goes off at 6:40, and he presses snooze. The next alarm is at 6:45 and he finally rolls out of bed. He goes to his bathroom to brush his teeth and gets ready for the day he has ahead of him. He walks...

National Football Championship Recap

Louisiana State University quarterback Joe Burrow  stands with the ball hoping to make a play. LSU beat the Clemson Tigers with a comeback win of 42-25.

Wyatt Selinko, Staffer

January 23, 2020

The quarterback drops back and takes the snap. The wide receiver gets open, it’s a high throw. The wide receiver makes an amazing catch, the 20… the 10… the 5… TOUCHDOWN! Louisiana State University (better known as LSU) and Clemson played the National College Championship on Monday January...

PAHS Football Season has Come to a Close

Senior Stephen McCloud runs toward the ball trying to block the play. The Tide ended their season losing  35-42. “I feel like we had more to play for,” said McCloud.

Wyatt Selinko, Staffer

December 5, 2019

The Crimson Tide football team’s season came to an end Friday, November 22. The Tide lost in the State Quarterfinals to Jersey Shore in triple over time. The final score of the game was Jersey Shore 42, Crimson Tide 35. It’s always sad when a season comes to an end. Underclassmen say one last...

Damon Yost- Quaterback of the Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide Quaterback, Damon Yost breaks through the pile of players to score a Tide touchdown against Blue Mountain. Pottsville ended the season with a close game against Jersey Shore, losing 42-35. Damon said, “I’ve been playing football for 5 years, and what I love most is the bond you grow with your teammates.”

Ava Jefferson, Staffer

November 25, 2019

     Senior Quarterback, Damon Yost has thrown 2,530 passing yards, including the regular football season and at Districts. He now leads his team in this category as they advance to the first State Final playoff game.       Damon Yost said, “I've been playing football for five years and wh...

We’re Number “Won”- PAHS Football

Junior Robert Walchak dives in an attempt to tackle the ACC quarterback. Walchak played football since he was young and has dreamed about winning the District Championship. “We deserved that win so much more than any other team in the district,” said Walchak.

Wyatt Selinko, Staffer

November 21, 2019

The Pottsville Crimson Tide football team has been on a tear this season. They won their last two District playoff games. By succeeding in those games, the Tide secured a spot in the District XI Championship game on November 16th against Allentown Central Catholic. The Tide players were more than...

What is Your “Why”?

Tayla Jones, Contributor

November 20, 2019

Everyone has a “why” for the sport that they play, whether they play it for a specific person or just for personal interest. Unfortunately, not everyone knows their “why”. Knowing your “why” changes how you play the game, and it changes your perspective on how you as a player can do anything. Most...

Prayers for Six

 North Schuylkill senior, Jaden Leiby, is throwing the ball to another teammate. During the game on October 25, he was seriously injured making a tackle. Countless thoughts and prayers outpoured from the community in hopes of a speedy recovery. Hashtags like the one pictured above have been circulating throughout social media in support of Jaden.

Carly Mohl, Staffer

November 1, 2019

A parent’s worst nightmare took place during the football game last Friday night. Jaden Leiby was making a tackle on Pottsville’s Bobby Walchak. As he was running to make the tackle, Leiby crashed into Walchak and was seriously injured. Leiby, who rushed 13 times for 134 yards and 3 touchdowns...

All They Do is Win

On the morning of Friday October 25, senior players gave away their home jerseys to a teacher that inspired them during their time at PAHS. This is one of many traditions that the seniors participate in to wrap up their time as high school football players. Senior Noah Lecher said,

Wyatt Selinko, Staffer

October 25, 2019

Incredible. That’s the word for the Crimson Tide’s football season. They are on a six game win streak heading into their last game. A win here could mean everything for playoffs.  Pottsville Area High School’s Crimson Tide football team is 8-1 with their only loss coming in overtime to Wyomis...

We Put the Pep in Rally

Cheerleaders are performing during the District-Wide Pep Rally. This was Pottsville's  first outdoor Pep rally. “My favorite cheer at the pep rally was Dig-a-Hole. It is fun to do the cheers with my friends,” said 6th grade Ella Selinko   [watching from the stands].

Ava Jefferson, Wyatt Selinko, Maura McDonald, Staffer

October 11, 2019

     We can’t hide our Tide pride! During a PAHS Pep Rally, the band plays, cheerleaders cheer and the students get pumped up for the football game held later in that day. On Friday September 23, 2019 the District held PASD’s first District-Wide Pep Rally of the year!       Many stude...

Hittin’ The Road

Senior Damon Yost is scanning the field looking for a receiver to throw the football to.

Wyatt Selinko, Staffer

September 27, 2019

A two hour bus trip may not sound the most pleasing right before a game, but the Crimson Tide had to deal with it. This didn’t stop the players from playing any harder. Freshman Joey Palko said, “I’m excited for the R&J buses and the two hour ride will be a good experience for the team. I fe...

Athletes sign to colleges

Athletes sign to colleges

Alexis Yoder, Editor-in-Chief

May 9, 2019

Seven athletes have made the decision to further their academic and athletic careers at the collegiate level. They are seniors Victor Ortiz, Parker Zimerofsky, Josh Hamilton, Patrick Ryan, Samantha Day, Justice Minor and Bryce Dragna.   Victor Ortiz Ortiz will be attending Waynesburg University to...

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