National Football Championship Recap


"SELU LSU 9718 064" by tammy anthony baker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Louisiana State University quarterback Joe Burrow stands with the ball hoping to make a play. LSU beat the Clemson Tigers with a comeback win of 42-25.

The quarterback drops back and takes the snap. The wide receiver gets open, it’s a high throw. The wide receiver makes an amazing catch, the 20… the 10… the 5… TOUCHDOWN!

Louisiana State University (better known as LSU) and Clemson played the National College Championship on Monday January 13. LSU beat Clemson in a comeback win with a final score of 42-25.

The Heisman Trophy is an award given to the most valuable player or the best player in college football. With 5,671 passing yards, 60 passing touchdowns, a completion percentage of 26.80, and 402 complete passes, Joe Burrow, senior quarterback for LSU, was rewarded with the Heisman Trophy. By a video that was posted on Snapchat it shows Burrow was very happy

Freshman Aiden Kostyal said, “It was obvious that he would win the Heisman. He’s dominated the league in rushing and passing all year.”

Burrow is expected to be the first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft being picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals. There he is predicted to lead the Bengals to a potential playoff season or at least a winning record. Clemson’s quarterback, Trevor Lawrence had not declared for the draft yet. This was surprising to many because this loss was the first in Lawrence’s career..

Freshman Joey Palko said, “Even though Trevor Lawrence hadn’t lost a game, I had a feeling this would be his first. LSU is just too talented.”