The history of the Crimson Tide football team


Tide coaches talk to players on the sideline during a game in September of 2020.

How did Pottsville become the Crimson Tide? “So the story goes that Mr. Lloyd Martz wasn’t happy with the nicknames of the bulldogs and Crimson Tide being switched so often so he said from now on, ‘we are the Crimson Tide,’” according to Athletic Director Eric Rismiller. “This story was told to me by Mr. Mike Kiehner who is a retired teacher from the Pottsville Area School District. We must all believe he was told this by his father who was the former high school principal.”

The Bulldogs are now the Crimson Tide. Throughout those years they always play fair, they never give  up, and they never stepped down at all. They have made history from the 1930s to now.

Pottsville hosted a home game for the New York Giants in 1925. At the end of the 2007 season, Pottsville had played 1137 games which tied them for 6th in the nation among prep games played,” says Rismiller. The team is currently ranked second.

However, there are some times the Crimson Tide football team do things that are not good, such as interceptions or fumbles, and turnovers can make them lose the game. Coach Thomas McGeoy says, “As a coach during the game, there is not a whole lot you can do to correct turnovers. You can talk about it with your players, and if it’s bad enough you can replace yor players with any other guys, but when your best players are fumbling the ball and not playing the game right, it’s also a tough situation. For me, I tend to trust my players to never ever fumble again, to make sure they stay confident.

McGeoy continues, “If the quarterback is throwing interceptions, I have to look at three things: Was it a good play call, did the quarterback have enough time to throw, and did the quarterback make a proper decision? During the practice week we stress ball security all the time, and work on it, but it’s just one of those things that happens in a game. Last year, we should have won our playoff game, but we fumbled it away at the 1 yard line.”

The football team supports itself with fundraisers for equipment, camps and banquets. These fundraisers help so parents don’t have to take as much money out of their own pockets to support the program.

During all these years, the Crimson Tide is also known for selling merchandise for the football fans. Many people like Judy Barket love the Crimson Tide merchandise. She says, “I like wearing Crimson Tide clothing because it makes me feel good showing support for my alma mater.”

Many of the Crimson Tide players are involved in other sports which keeps them active and are physical throughout the year.