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“Don’t Bully” with cross out signs. Sketch Club members create posters for October’s Bullying Prevention month. Sketch club members can volunteer to help put up posters around the school. The goal is to create posters to spread awareness and tackle bullying with messages of positivity and awareness, to contribute to the fight against bullying in schools. Junior Lily Kreisler said, “The message we’re trying to spread is only a positive one. Both current and future Pottsville students should know that being themselves is the best thing they can be. Sometimes that fact can be hard to accept, so seeing projects like the posters is a great way of reinforcing an understanding that difference is okay. People should love each other and themselves and I hope that Pottsville, not just the sketch club, will carry that message for all of the future.”

Sketch Club condemns bullying with anti-bullying posters

Genesis Harrison, Writer October 27, 2021

Everyone has heard of the slogan,“Stop Bullying. Most people agree with the statement that, “Bullying is wrong '' or “ Don’t Bully”  and some believe that bullying builds character within...

Students have the option to switch to full virtual learning very soon. This will cause a decrease in students in the school, and may cause almost empty classrooms. “I think having the option to be able to switch to virtual if needed is great. You can get your work done and be home at the same time, and your at less of a risk of getting sick” said sophomore Olivia Moser.

Virtual learning opportunity

Faith Younker, Staffer October 19, 2021

The last day of the first marking period is October 28th. It’s then that if you're in person that you can become virtual. Anyone is allowed to switch to virtual as long as they can handle it academically....

PAHS planetarium illuminated in purple during the month of September. The lights represent our support to the victims of suicidal thoughts. “At first I didn’t know why the lights were on. Then I saw the courthouse too and heard about it on the announcements”, said Junior Macy Matlock.

Suicide Prevention: Be the Change 

Samantha Woodford , Staffer October 6, 2021

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. However this does not mean it is the answer. It is solving a temporary problem with a permanent solution. A life is more valuable than any inconvenience....

PAHS Students enjoy an outdoor pep-rally. They are all taking advantage of the relaxed dress code to keep them from getting too hot in the heat outdoors. “I like the relaxed dress code because for events like theses they keep everyone comfortable”, said senior Faith Eckley.

Relaxed Dress Code at Pottsville

Faith Younker, Staffer September 24, 2021

The 2020-2021 School Year was the first year after 10 years of having no special dress code. Before it was mandatory to wear a collared shirt. Now students can wear t-shirts and long sleeves that are school...

Roses are a symbol of many things, especially when you are caring for someone. In this case students were able to purchase roses to show they care for their upperclassman while they leave PAHS. “I have so many senior friends, therefore I’m going to miss a lot of them next year. I think it will be weird walking the hallway next year and not seeing them”, said sophomore Kenzie Androshick.

AID hosts Roses for Seniors

Alex Maley , Staffer May 27, 2021

As seniors finish their last year of High School at PAHS, they are beginning to think about their future endeavours. Many will be attending college, going into the workforce, military, etc. As a way to...

The PAHS art show is normally an in-person show held at John S. Clarke. Despite it being virtual, students were still eager to submit their various artwork pieces. “I am a little sad that there isn’t an in person show, but I’m glad that there’s still something going on. The art students deserve to show off the works that they’re proud of. I submitted a landscape painting because I really liked how the colors turned out,” said senior Meg Burns.

PAHS virtual art show

Tanya Johnson , Staffer May 26, 2021

This year the Pottsville Area School District’s Annual Art Show will be an online, virtual exhibit.  The digital art show will be displayed digitally, and it will feature K-12 student artworks from...

Junior Emilee Rose stands proud while holding her new award from the media and design logo competition. Emilee won the regional competition this year and now advances to states. She said, “I found an interest in doing the competition because my brother Parker also did it.”

Rose advances to states

Greta Snukis, Editor-in-Chief May 7, 2021

Every year the Pennsylvania Media and Design logo competition is held for many different schools in Pennsylvania. Any school who wants to participate in the competition is welcome to do so. This year’s...

Senior Julia Malek, who plays Cinderella, is rehearsing sitting in her carriage as she makes her trip to the royal ball. 
She said, “While I am disappointed the show was postponed, I truly think that what we’ve made is magical. It’s a beautiful show, and I’m so honoured to be a part of it.”

The show must go on!

Alex Maley , Staffer April 20, 2021

There are always setbacks when trying to produce a successful play, in this case the set back wasn’t minor. On Tuesday April 13th 2021, PAHS drama club students had their production of “Cinderella”...

Pottsville Gymnastics is located on 206 N. Centre Street in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. PGTC announced that they will officially be closing on May 28, 2021. “Every Friday when i could stay for open gym and learn new skills after practice! I also could have friends with me that didn’t attend the gym,” said Taylor Fitzpatrick.

The end of a gymnastics era

Greta Snukis, Editor-in-Chief April 20, 2021

After 35 years of flips and gymnastics fun, Pottsville Gymnastics Training Center, will be closing due to the effect COVID-19 had on their business. With frequent shutdowns because of the pandemic and...

The drama club is warming up with physical and vocal workouts before rehearsals. Alyssa Sherrif and Annabelle Chaklos stretch before rehearsal on Monday, March 22. Alyssa says, “I am very happy to participate in this musical. Drama club has always been something that I look forward to on a daily basis!”

Drama club prepares for Cinderella

Harry Walls, Staffer March 24, 2021

Pottsville Area School District’s drama club is getting ready to perform their show, Cinderella, this year. Since last year's show got cancelled,  the drama club is hoping to make this year’s show...

Sophomore Amaree Bainbridge is seen back in the high school. Amaree has been a virtual student before making the transition to come back to in person classes. He said, “I felt like I wasn’t learning as much at home so I came back to learn as much as possible.”

Making the transition back to in-person

Greta Snukis, Editor-in-Chief March 24, 2021

Students have had the option to participate in hybrid learning or do their studies and schoolwork completely virtual. The COVID-19 way of learning was in place from the beginning of the year up until the...

While the board meeting was held in the middle school auditorium, they also live streamed it on Facebook for anyone who wanted to join. They voted to end the hybrid cycle. Principal Tiffany Hummel said, We are looking forward to welcoming many of our students back to full in-person instruction while still offering a virtual alternative.  We are working behind the scenes to plan for our students return next month.

Board eliminates hybrid instruction

Tanya Johnson , Staffer March 1, 2021

At the board meeting on Wednesday, February 10, the committee decided on going back to full days in person, eliminating group A and group B days. The plan is to have one week consist of 4 days- virtual...

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