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The iPhone 14 above has recently been released with 3 other iPhones hitting the market this September and October. Apple announced their new color, dark purple, only available in iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro max. “Recently I have been looking into getting a new phone and the iPhone 14 has all new features that interest me. I will be using most of the camera options that Apple updated for the 14,” said senior Paige Deatrich.

Apple Unveiled iPhone 14

Alex Blum, Staffer September 26, 2022

Apple launched its new iPhone of the 2022 year with a range of 4 dierent phones. On September 16, 2022, they released the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 pro, and the iPhone 14 pro max. The iPhone 14 max will be...

Mrs. Diehl stands in front of her genetics class, educating her students. Mrs. Diehl is a new science teacher at PAHS.

PAHS receives new science teacher

Maya Johnson, Staffer September 23, 2022

Melinda Diehl is the new Biology teacher at Pottsville Area High School. Mrs Diehl attended Pine Grove High School and graduated in 2000. After graduating, she went to Kutztown University to receive her...

Diversity club teamed up with Aevidum Members and created a board dedicated to sucide awareness month. Junior Madison Eroh says, “ The stickers and affirmations are so uplifting and could easily put a smile on someone’s face.”

Diversity kickstarts the School Year

Genesis Harrison, Staffer September 15, 2022

The Diversity club strikes again, but this year they have a whole lot in store. Last year, diversity members conveyed the need for a place of their own, to have meetings and progress toward getting...

Drama Club Yardsale

Nick Horvath September 2, 2022

The school drama club hosted a yard sale to provide funding for this years show.

PAHS has recently established The Shadow In School pilot program sponsored by Careerlink PA. With many STC students being recruited by the guidance counselor, Mrs. Saunders most see it as an opportunity to gain work experience, earn money and learn new skills that will help them in their future career path . Junior Mason Major says, “I was lucky enough to get selected for the program and I would definitely recommend it due to the good pay.”

Student jobs hiring: The Shadow in school program

Genesis Harrison, Staffer May 24, 2022

Student Jobs Hiring! Recently, PAHS has established The Shadow In School pilot program sponsored by Careerlink PA. Currently, 13 students were hired to work in various departments, all while...

The Spartan Games

Nicholas Horvath May 19, 2022

Student athletes in the special education classes compete in various sports at the Spartan Games.

On the day of the carnival students get to go outside and enjoy the 2 ½ hour event known as the Crimson Carnival. Students enjoy hanging out with each other especially with the seniors before they leave. Senior Jason Fermaintt said “It’s pretty fun. All the activities the staff put together are really cool. And I like how it’s something everyone can agree on so nobody is left out.”

Preparations for end of year Carnival

Faith Younker, Staffer May 13, 2022

On Thursday May 12th, PAHS hosts the Crimson Carnival. The carnival is a reward for students demonstrating positive behavior throughout the 4th marking period. The carnival will entail a variety of food,...

The photo above is the paper you will need to fill out if you want to buy a rose. All order forms are due on May 18th. Mrs. Pellish said, “My favorite part of the Roses for Seniors tradition is seeing how excited the seniors are as they leave the Farewell Assembly with their roses in hand.”

Wishing the seniors farewell with roses

Alex Blum, Staffer May 11, 2022

Seniors are currently wrapping up their last month of high school. As a goodbye present, AID will be selling roses for $3.00 to anyone that wants to give one to a senior. Roses for seniors...

A flyer hanging PAHS to inform the gathering of Earth Day. Samantha Woodford held a gathering of Pressed Coffee and Books. The gathering Junior Samantha Woodford said “We painted rocks, drank coffee and mostly talked. So many more people showed than I would have thought. I’m very glad we planned the event.”

Student gathering recognizing Earth Day

Adriana Talamantes, Staffer May 2, 2022

Planting a literal life, a growing plant is advocated on Earth day. When people hold the soil and smell the air they think of the anniversary that celebrates Earth. In honor of Earth day,...

Outside of the art room 12 there is a big board of all different pieces of artwork. These pieces of artwork are done by multiple students that are involved in the art classes. Senior Gwen Hamilton said, “My piece modeled after synesthesia, a brain disorder that allows people to experience several senses at one time like hearing different sounds will result in seeing different colors, will be featured in the art show.”

Students Prepare for 2022 Art Show

Chase Teresavage, Staffer April 26, 2022

The Art Show is an annual event at the Pottsville Area School District. The art show will be held on Friday, May 13 at John S. Clarke Elementary Center from 6 to 9 p.m. Artworks created by students...

Many students still react in awe at the alteration that occurred at the Academy awards on March, 27, 2022. That Sunday night became one of the most famous nights in television history when Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith and was reimbursed with a slap to the face. Junior Livia Hable said, “I don’t think it’s okay to hit others, let alone the people you love. If there is an issue that needs to be resolved”.

Students react to the controversial Oscars slap

Genesis Harrison, Staffer April 25, 2022

SLAP! That’s the sound that would be heard all around the world over national television. Wherever you stand everyone agrees that this was a truly unforgettable night in history leaving controversy...

Jefferson loves spending time with her dog Remi. Jefferson stated some of the things she did over break she said “During spring break I spent time with my family on Easter. We had dinner
at my grandmothers house with the rest of my family. I took some naps here and there, hung out with my friends and my dog.”

Students await Spring Break

Faith Younker, Staffer April 21, 2022

The first day of spring arrived on March 20th, making everyone look forward to spring break. Spring break is a vacation period including Easter in early spring at universities and schools. It...

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