Tide Lines

DISTANCE - Since students still had the option to remain fully virtual, some classes are larger than others. This class, Mrs. Miller's ELA 4th block, is one of her smaller classes of in-person students. There are 10 students fully in-person and 10 students fully virtual. This allows for more social distancing in the classroom.

Lengel students return full time

Justine Siminitus, Lengel Lingo Staffer March 29, 2021

On March 1, 2021, DHH Lengel Middle School students returned back to school with all of their classmates instead of being split into two learning groups. Students were in school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,...

SCCA offers youth formal

SCCA offers youth formal

Ava Ciarvella, Lengel Lingo Staffer March 24, 2021

What about the kids who missed prom last year? Well... here is another option for 7-12th graders. Schuylkill County Council for the Arts is hosting a COVID-safe Outdoor Masquerade Formal on the Yuengling...

8th graders plead for prom

8th graders plead for prom

Aspen Robbins, Lengel Lingo Staffer March 12, 2021

While there are many concerns as to having an 8th grade prom during a pandemic, we 8th graders believe there are several different ways to make this event fun and safe for everyone. I spoke...

Junior high girls finish strong season

Junior high girls finish strong season

Rhyan Brennan, Lengel Lingo Staffer March 1, 2021

Junior high girls' basketball just finished out a strong season. Although there are strict guidelines such as wearing masks, the girls still had a fun season. 8th grader Lainey Dusel said, "I really...

In a photo from before the pandemic, flute players read music and pay attention to the directors during a symphonic band rehearsal.

Band during a pandemic

Ava Ciarvella, Lengel Lingo Staffer February 25, 2021

Students who wanted to participate in our band had the opportunity to partake in virtual music lessons this year. 5-8th grade students take part in a 15 minute music lesson each week instructed by either...

Student Spotlight: Rhyan Brennan

Student Spotlight: Rhyan Brennan

Maggie Brennan, Lengel Lingo Staffer January 29, 2021

Rhyan Brennan is in 6th grade here at DHH Lengel. As many of you know, 6th grade is when you start switching classes. Rhyan's favorite part of switching classes is having more freedom and being able to...

TEST - 6th grader Emma Sophy works on her iPad during one of her in-person school days. She is taking a test on Pearson Realize, an online program that is used at DHHL.

Hybrid Pros and Cons

Ava Orlowsky, Lengel Lingo Staffer January 22, 2021

Since the first day of the 2020-2021 school year at D.H.H. Lengel Middle School, hybrid learning has been in use. The purpose of hybrid learning is to prevent the spread of coronavirus throughout schools....

Movie Reviews:

Movie Reviews: “Soul”

Justine Siminitus and Ava Ciarvella January 20, 2021

Justine Siminitus On December 25, 2020, Disney and Pixar’s “Soul” started streaming exclusively on Disney+. Just like any other Disney movie, “Soul” has comedy bits and life lessons. The theme...

Lengel students outline winter break plans

Lengel students outline winter break plans

Aspen Robbins, Lengel Lingo Staffer December 22, 2020

 On Wednesday, December 23rd, winter break starts. This winter break is different than most because of the pandemic, but some students and I still have plans. People are becoming more creative with their...

The Legend of the Elf on the Shelf

The Legend of the Elf on the Shelf

John Mohl, Lengel Lingo Staffer December 21, 2020

Once upon a Christmas miracle, a young elf named Ollie found himself lost in the candy cane forest of the North Pole. He ran and ran but could not find his way out. Hours went by and he found an unfamiliar...

Emma's Big Blizzard

Emma’s Big Blizzard

Jolene Heinly, Lengel Lingo Staffer December 15, 2020

There's nothing like a year with a good snow storm. Well, for one special little girl, she had more than just a wonderful time playing in the snow! Emma walked home after a day of school. She was disappointed...

Fridays Without Football

Fridays Without Football

Maggie Brennan, Lengel Lingo Staffer November 24, 2020

This year has been filled with changes and restrictions. With school being cut short last year and significant restrictions being added to the school day this year, the big question was "will we still...

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