Tide Lines

The Spartan Games

Nicholas Horvath May 19, 2022

Student athletes in the special education classes compete in various sports at the Spartan Games.

From left to right, Raheem Arroyo, Amari Dunn, Parrish McFarland, Travontai Davis, Jason Fermaintt, and Chase Fenstermacher posing for a picture in the courtyard during the promenade. Senior Jason Fermaintt said, “It was nice. Everything expected from my senior prom happened. I got to celebrate with my friends and brothers so it was all together a good and enjoyable night.”

Celebrating Class of 2022 at Senior Prom

Chase Teresavage , Staffer May 16, 2022

Rylen Matlock and Jillian Guzick posing for pictures together walking down in the courtyard for the promenade. Junior Rylen Matlock said,“I honestly had a great time. I sang my heart out and danced...

This holiday affects lots of the indigenous and mixed ancestry of Mexicans. Senior Dominique Perez thought the significance of the Battle of Puebla was the  “biggest battle fought and the turning point for independence.” The holiday is meaningful to her as its heritage day for her family.

Anniversary of a Mexican holiday

Adriana Talamantes, Staffer May 13, 2022

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday on the fifth of May. The holiday is mostly known for its food of the Mexican trade, and tacos, guacamole, and adult alcoholic beverages.  It’s a misunderstanding that Cinco...

60 Seconds with Makenzie Reber

Alyssa Sheriff May 5, 2022

How many questions can Makenzie answer in 60 seconds?

If you are interested in history, here is the place for you. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was the site of the largest battle ever waged during the American Civil War. Although this park is marked as a battlefield, visitors respect the land and its history.

5 Places to Visit This Summer

Alex Blum, Staffer May 4, 2022

The weather is about to get warmer with summer right around the corner! Summer officially starts on June 21st, but for most students, the first day of summer is when school closes its doors until...

Señorita holds up brand new card, Bullorita! She was so excited to be apart of this. Stop by Senoritas room for yours today!

Pokémon Invades Pottsville

Samantha Woodford, Staffer May 2, 2022

Now coming to Pottsville Area High School! I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause. Pokémon! Gotta catch ‘‘em all! Each teacher,...

60 Seconds with Vanessa Biddle

Alyssa Sheriff April 22, 2022

How many questions can Vanessa answer in 60 seconds?

The hare, a rabbit, is known to be productive reproducers. An ancient symbol of fertility and new life. This caused the idea of connecting it with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As so many holidays get mixed up in modern day views it’s easy to not know the history of a holiday.

Filling my basket with Easter’s history

Adriana Talamantes, Staffer April 21, 2022

Easter falls on the second day Sunday of April. Where Christians believe in Jesus Christ's resurrection after three days of being crucified by the Romans. The Sunday before Easter is Palm...

Pokémon invades Pottsville!

Pokémon invades Pottsville!

Samantha Woodford, Staffer April 13, 2022

Now coming to Pottsville Area High School! I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause. Pokémon! Gotta catch ‘‘em all! Each teacher,...

60 Seconds with Mr. Noecker

Alyssa Sheriff April 12, 2022

How many questions can Mr. Noecker answer in 60 seconds?

60 Seconds with Zoe Holden

Alyssa Sheriff April 6, 2022

How many questions can Zoe Holden answer in 60 seconds?

April fools is the day meant for tricks, making mischief but more importantly, tons of fun. There are some that relish the day while there are others who dislike it. April Fools pranking can be taken too far and can create situations that may encourage destructive or malicious behaviors. Mr. Raymond Yost said, “In my opinion, it is not appropriate for students to prank teachers. It is better to avoid scenarios that may result in a student being reprimanded for something that was avoidable in the first place. Depending on the severity of an incident, students engaging in pranks taken too far may receive consequences as minor as a formal warning and as severe as out-of-school suspension or even expulsion.”

Opinions on April Fools Pranking

Genesis Harrison, Staffer April 6, 2022

April fools! This is what you exclaim when you prank someone on the day that is meant to trick people in your own creative way. Whether it’s rigging the kitchen sink so that it is spraying...

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