Tide Lines

Cooking with Bricker Episode 2

January 13, 2023

Chemistry teacher Mr. Bricker cooks quesadillas to demonstrate physical and chemical change.

60 Seconds With Jacob Filiac

Korben Powanda January 3, 2023

Jacob Filiac has to answer as many questions as he can within 60 seconds.

The Spartan Games

Nicholas Horvath May 19, 2022

Student athletes in the special education classes compete in various sports at the Spartan Games.

Bricker holds up brand new card, Bullfrog Bricker! He was so excited to be apart of this. Stop by Bricker’s room for yours today!

Pokémon invades Pottsville

Samantha Woodford, Staff May 18, 2022

Now coming to Pottsville Area High School! I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause. Pokémon! Gotta catch ‘‘em all! Each teacher,...

60 Seconds with Makenzie Reber

Alyssa Sheriff May 5, 2022

How many questions can Makenzie answer in 60 seconds?

Jacob and Jonathan Barket pose with Penn State merchandise. They both committed to Penn State and hope to get a degree in business. “We feel that it’s like a dream come true. It’s a part of Pennsylvania and a perfect college where there’s an actual community there that shows kindness for each other. We might join a club or sport if we want to in the future,” said seniors Jacob and Jonathan Barket

Afterwards: Students’ plans after high school

Jacob & Jonathan Barket April 22, 2022

What comes next? Should I go to college? Can I afford to go to college? Is the military an option? Would I be better suited for a trade school, or should I just find a job? So many questions running through...

60 Seconds with Vanessa Biddle

Alyssa Sheriff April 22, 2022

How many questions can Vanessa answer in 60 seconds?

60 Seconds with Mr. Noecker

Alyssa Sheriff April 12, 2022

How many questions can Mr. Noecker answer in 60 seconds?

60 Seconds with Zoe Holden

Alyssa Sheriff April 6, 2022

How many questions can Zoe Holden answer in 60 seconds?

Students in the student section cheer while wearing green for a St Patrick’s Day theme. St Patrick’s Day is more than just green and pots of gold, it is also a holiday known for bringing diversity to Ireland. “I think it was nice that he brought diversity to Ireland,” said senior Lucy Snyder.

Students celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Adriana Talamantes , Staffer March 18, 2022

When told that St. Patrick wasn’t Irish, most PAHS students were shocked. Lucy Snyder, senior said “Yes, I do find it surprising. Especially since the holiday is all based around Ireland”. Trent...

Sketch Club member, Samantha Woodford shares her classmate Steph Dinu’s “Practice random acts of Kindness” tear-off poster. Sketch club members create posters spreading positivity through Rachel’s Challenge. Woodford says, “I absolutely love the idea of Rachel’s challenge. The more posters we get up, the more positivity we spread!”

Sketch Club promotes Rachel’s Challenge through posters

Genesis Harrison, Staffer March 13, 2022

In 2022, school shootings still remain a pressing issue till this day. With that, students and administrators seek ways to improve the school environment by making it a safe place for students to attend....

Mrs. Stiles poses with a poster from a student for the poster contest. Stiles is the current advisor for Foreign Language Club. “The poster contest challenges students to come up with a creative way to represent the year’s theme,” said Mrs. Nicole Stiles.

Pottsville celebrates Foreign Language Week

Alex Blum, Staffer March 13, 2022

In March, schools around America celebrate National Foreign Language Week to embrace the importance of learning a new language to students. Foreign Language Week is celebrated at PAHS on the week of March...

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