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Senior skip day has been a trend way before Pottsville. Students were late, or had to sign in during lunch because of how many seniors skipped. Ms. Watt said, “I see no reason to participate. Even in high school, I was a very academic person.”

Getting Opinionated: Senior Skip Day

Samantha Woodford, Staffer March 11, 2022

Oh the joys of senior year! Cramming in scholarship essays, working while participating in high school, collecting references... the list goes on. But what makes senior year worth it? What memories do...

According to the Pie Chart provided by Mrs. Tiffany Hummel out of 320 responses from PAHS students roughly 85.9% of students voted in favor of the prep while 14.1% of students voted opposed to the pep rally.

PAHS Pep Rally Debate

Genesis Harrison, Staffer November 18, 2021

When you talk about Pep rallies there’s three sides to the argument.Those in favor of pep rallies are people in favor of school spirit. People against the pep rallies who feel that the pep...

Subscribe to PewDiePie?

Subscribe to PewDiePie?

Jacob Barket, Staffer May 10, 2019

Who is PewDiePie? PewDiePie is a YouTuber who has a lot of subscribers. He can also be considered the king of YouTube by doing Let’s Play commentaries and his comedic-formatted shows on YouTube. His...

Mrs. Kayla Watt, Government teacher, teaches her class. Mrs. Watt teaches Economics, American Government and AP Government. “Political socialization is absolutely a thing, meaning that parents do have an affect on their child’s political beliefs, Mrs. Watt said.

Do people’s parents influence their political beliefs?

Blessyn Marcelle, Staffer December 7, 2018

Whether they like it or not, children usually mimic the behaviors of their parents. David Hannum, Spanish teacher, has similar beliefs. “Even as a teen, kids are listening to everything their parents...

Underclassmen at the prom? An Argument

Underclassmen at the prom? An Argument

March 9, 2018

An ongoing argument between students is should underclassmen be allowed to attend the prom? Seniors Alec Gonzalez and Jared Williard tackle the issue head-on and fight for an answer to the question.

Two Sides of the Jungle: A Jumanji Movie Review

Two Sides of the Jungle: A Jumanji Movie Review

Jared Williard and Alexis Yoder February 9, 2018

Jumanji and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle are connected, but not in the way fans would expect. Both have done well at the box offices and have all-star casts. With both movies being based on the same...

“13 Reasons Why” sets people in a panic. The Netflix series did a good job of showing that people should be nicer to each other, but at the same time it’s been criticized for causing unstable people to have suicidal thoughts.

Students and teachers discuss new TV show, “13 Reasons Why” (computer art)

Kaelen McMullin, Staff Writer May 26, 2017

“13 Reasons Why” is a 13-episode series based on the novel of the same name by Jay Asher. The show, as of now, is available only on Netflix and was released March 31. Many people, including myself,...

WOTS- What musical would you like to see?

Blessyn Marcelle, Staffer April 7, 2017

This week on Word of the Street, we asked students what musical they would like to see the drama club preform. Stay tuned to see what they thought!

My experience competing at PSF’s Annual Shakespeare Competition (photo)

My experience competing at PSF’s Annual Shakespeare Competition (photo)

Abbey Kostyal, Production Editor in Chief March 23, 2017

March: the time of the year when Drama Club members shudder at the mere thought of the rapidly approaching annual musical. March: the time of the year when the actors have to balance daily six-hour music...

Word on the Street: 03/10/17

Jared Williard, Style & Entertainment Editor March 10, 2017

Since spring is coming around the corner, Tide Lines editor Jared Williard asks what are students' favorite things to do in the spring.

I tried these studying techniques so you don’t have to (computer art)

I tried these studying techniques so you don’t have to (computer art)

DeAnna Stevenson, Editor February 27, 2017

 Everyone learns differently, as is evidenced by numerous studies done on teaching and how our brains best receive information. In the age of technology, many students are coming up with new ways to study,...

WOTS- Binge watching

Gillian Revenis, Editor February 24, 2017

This we asked students and teachers what their favorite show is to binge watch.

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