Underclassmen at the prom? An Argument

March 9, 2018

An ongoing argument between students is should underclassmen be allowed to attend the prom? Seniors Alec Gonzalez and Jared Williard tackle the issue head-on and fight for an answer to the question.

Underclassmen at the prom? The more the merrier!

When one thinks of Prom, the most likely things to pass through one’s mind are suits, dresses, food, dancing and friends. Almost all of these are guaranteed to be at the annual Prom, except for some friends.

 The reason I say some is because I, as a senior, will be seeing only my senior and Student Council friends there. I have always thought this was a little weird. I understand the senior prom is only for seniors and their dates, and that is fine since they deserved something for themselves, but to me, the Christmas prom always seemed like more enjoyable because it was something that was open to more people.I thought this because as a sophomore, I went to both the Christmas and the senior prom with senior dates. I did this again for my junior year, and I will be doing it yet again in my own senior year.

One thing I noticed every year I attended both was that the Christmas prom was usually more fun and enjoyable to attend and participate in than senior prom was. I believe the reason for this was because more of my younger friends were able to attend. As a result, my friends and I had a better time.

“Well, I don’t really understand why they restrict it the way they do anyway. Prom is supposed to be a special night, so why can only some experience it?” sophomore Logan Rolland said.

 The way I see it, if people are able to bring guests from different school districts as dates, why shouldn’t our own students be able to attend an event hosted by their own school? It only makes sense. I can see some issues such as crowding or lack of funds for a larger venue getting in the way of this, but there is always the option of hosting it on campus. Martz Hall was constructed to hold some of the largest athletic events in our county, so why not a prom? This is all hypothetical seeing as how there is still a restriction on underclassmen, which hopefully will be lifted in coming years.

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Underclassmen at the prom? It’s more likely than you think

It’s the day every hair salon makes huge amounts of money. It’s one of the many reasons why there is a men’s suits section in the local Boscov’s. It is the day everyone loves, but also the day everyone hates preparing for. It is … the prom.

Over the past couple of years, I have noticed many juniors and seniors buying tickets for underclassmen. I assume they are mostly buying for their dates, which I have no problem with because I can instantly connect point A to point B and deduce that they are a couple.

However, I have also witnessed those who are able to buy tickets (juniors and seniors) purchasing them for siblings, siblings’ friends, etc. Both proms at PAHS are geared toward the upperclassmen. Why do underclassmen still attend even though the dances are made specifically for the upperclassmen?

Juniors and seniors are given the privilege to attend the prom, so why do underclassmen have to ruin it by not staying in their lane and waiting their turn? I have a younger sister, and as soon as prom season came around, I heard one question come out of her mouth for a straight week: “Jared! Will you buy me a prom ticket?” Each time, I told her no. Because I waited my turn and respected the rules the school put in place, I was rewarded by being able to attend the prom last year and now this year.

Everyone knows that a teen living in Pennsylvania has to be 16 to test for his driver’s license. The anticipation that comes from waiting means that one can perfect his techniques and make sure he is fully capable to drive a vehicle.

The same can be said for the prom. The anticipation of waiting to go to the prom can give one time to practice his dance moves and build up more energy and excitement for the event.

One goes through different rites of passage in his life. Prom for the upperclassmen is definitely one of them. Underclassmen should not take this away from them. They will get their own chance to attend the prom when they reach the correct grade level.

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