Tide Lines

ETC Staff Explores Nature

February 26, 2021

Oh the great outdoors! From enjoying the  scenery while on a long hike or just simply embracing the sunlight while outside. You can always find  serotonin in nature. According to mind.org.uk,...

How Students Spent a COVID Valentine’s Day

How Students Spent a COVID Valentine’s Day

February 19, 2021

“I just adore how passionate my partner is. We’re spending our Valentine’s Day watching horror movies and exchanging gifts,” said senior Arron Salisbury.  Don’t feel too lonely after reading...

Showing off my most recent book I’ve read! Milk and Honey by Rubi Kaur is a gorgeous poetry book. I recomendable you pick it up at the school or local library.

Read and Reviews!

January 22, 2021

BANG! The car door slams. Clack, clack. The heels meet the ground outside your door. Tick, tick, tick. The clock upon your wall repeats. There are countless distractions in your everyday life. From...

After testing positive for Covid-19 Samantha Woodford was quarantined for 14 days. While wondering what’s next, we have to stay occupied.

I Tested Positive, Now What?

January 15, 2021

“COVID is tough, but together Pennsylvanians are tougher. United, we can defeat the virus. You matter, and so do your actions. When we make good choices and follow health and safety measures, we see...

Creativity through clothing

Creativity through clothing

Emma Troutman, Staffer December 7, 2020

     Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Whether it be through hair, personality, or a hobby, the art of expressing oneself is something that every teenager is accustomed to. One...

The real debate

The real debate

December 4, 2020

Graphic design is everywhere. From walking down an aisle of a grocery store, pondering cereal box logos. To something much more like the logo of a presidential campaign.  According to InteractionDesign.org,...

Expressing Creativity Through Masks

Samantha Woodford , Editor November 20, 2020

World wide there has been more than 900,000 deaths to Covid-19. According to the CDC "masks should always worn in public and when around people who don’t live in your household." With a shortage of...

The Importance of Change

The Importance of Change

Emma Troutman, Staffer November 13, 2020

 It’s no surprise that students may often get frustrated with school. For some it’s the waking up early, for some it’s the homework, and for some it’s just having the responsibility on their shoulders...

Creativity During Halloween

Creativity During Halloween

Emma Troutman, Staffer November 6, 2020

Halloween is the perfect holiday to express your creativity. Whether it be through the costume you wear or the pumpkins you carve, you always have an outlet for your creative ideas during the month of...

Sophomore Maura McDonald listens to ETC’s quarantine playlist in the Publications office. Music can be beneficial to students by helping take your mind off of things. Maura said, “Music is such an easy way to boost my mood. Especially now with all of this stress, I could definitely use a good playlist.”

Quarantine playlist

October 21, 2020

Pennsylvanians are facing several more weeks of recommended social distancing, and while it may be tough to stay away, experts say that practicing safe distancing can help save lives. So to help you...

PAHS band practices their pregame show while socially distancing. Junior Crystal Mease says, “ The safety procedures may be weird and it’s a very big change but it’s what we have to do to keep us safe.”

Music’s Impact

Emma Troutman, Staffer October 2, 2020

Music has always had its own way of touching the heart. Whether it be through making it or just listening to it. Most have found themselves turning to music to find light in a tough time. The thing is,...

Sophomore Trinity Reedy shows off her coloring skills accompanied by her stuffed sloth, Barbecue Sauce. Trinity said,

Boredom Busters

Emma Troutman, Staffer September 22, 2020

When you're cooped up in your house without a single thing to do, you can really grow bored with staring at the walls around you. Even when you have the hobbies you like at your disposal, they can often...

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