Tide Lines

Quarantine Cuts

Recently salons have reopened but now enforce heavy safety precautions. Before the reopening students dyed their own hair. Sophomore Brody Boris said “I definitely had fun dying my own hair at home. I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen again however.”

Samantha Woodford and Emma Troutman

September 14, 2020

A mirror in front of you, your mind races to predict your next action. Your hand lightly runs through your hair, a decision being made as you continue to look at your reflection. This quarantine has given you more than enough time to decide, it's time for a change. Stressful situations are something that no h...

An eye for creativity

An eye for creativity

Harmonie Wotring, Staffer

May 29, 2020

Art is a type of beauty and it's used as an escape to find a safe place when everything else around seems scary. Art is a fun hobby, you don't have to be good or bad at it, you just have to have an imagination. As for this Junior, Nate Keiter, he finds a nice escape through creativity when it comes...

Staying behind the reins

Freshman Paige Deatrich poses with her horse on Christmas Day 2019. Riding her horse is one of the things that has kept her busy during the quarantine.

Harmonie Wotring, Staffer

May 28, 2020

With all of the media focused on COVID-19, and all students worried about finally finishing school, sometimes it’s good to get away and get some fresh air. Freshman Paige Deatrich loves to get outside and ride her horse. Getting away from all of the stress from the virus and school work, to do what...

ETC scavenger hunt

Freshman Samantha Woodford placed painted rocks around downtown Pottsville on Wednesday, May 12. Each rock contains a written note on the back! When found make sure to post a picture on Instagram and tag @pahs_publications.

Samantha Woodford, Staffer

May 14, 2020

Oh the joys of staying home. From annoying siblings constantly antagonizing you, to the nag of schoolwork deadlines rattling in the back of your mind. Don't worry, the ETC staff can very well understand. As important as school is, so is your mental health. What better way to give yourself a well deserved...

Final Act Gone Awry

Final Act Gone Awry

Annabella Chaklos, Lengel Lingo Staffer

May 8, 2020

Standing in the ongoing emptiness of my head, Memories begin to flash and spread. I stare at moments of love and joy aghast, And soon I’m waltzing with the pleasant times passed. As time grows faster, my dance will soon come to an end, The clock points to closure followed by a new beginni...

Dark time, beautiful flowers

It may be a hectic time in quarantine, and some people like to relax and draw. Emily Lucas likes to draw flowers.

Harmonie Wotring, Staffer

May 2, 2020

The Corona Virus has everyone on edge, people scavenging for food at stores and for some reason taking all the toilet paper. Staying clean is a need recently due to the virus, but that doesn’t mean people can’t enjoy what they like to do during their free time, virus or not. One student in particular...

PAHS musical uncertain due to quarantine

According to Times Leader “As of March 16, 2020 Governor Tom Wolf enforced that all nonessential businesses close.” Sadly everyone, not just business owners are affected. Freshman Maddie Strauss said, “It is disappointing to have my first ever musical with the high school postponed. I was so excited to be able to be a part of something we all worked so hard on throughout the year. However, I feel even more sorrow for our amazing seniors who are waiting to see what will happen. We are all holding on to hope and we aren’t giving up on this play. It’s an honor to be part of this group.”

Samantha Woodford, Staffer

May 2, 2020

You walked across the stage, a smile from ear to ear on your face. The lines you memorized weeks before confidently fell from your lips. The applause of the audience only caused the smile on your face to brighten. All the work you have done and time you have taken to make this possible was finally paying...

Expressing Her Struggles: Vanda Bednarikova

Expressing Her Struggles: Vanda Bednarikova

Samantha Woodford, Staffer

March 13, 2020

“Just go for it. You may never have this opportunity to express yourself again; so do it while you can,”said senior foreign exchange student Vanda Bednarikova. From Slovakia, this 17 year old artist would like to use this opportunity to share her relatable struggles. Vanda said, “I think that a lot of...

Points of Light

Senior Shannon Strickland paints her part of the Points of Light Mural. The mural is a collaborative project between schools across Schuylkill County.

Lauren Kane, Staffer

March 6, 2020

Since the beginning of the year, art students from across Schuylkill County have been collaborating with the Walk In Art Center. Each school in Schuylkill County decided to take part in a 65 square foot Points of Light Mural that is representative of the history of our county. Their art will then be ...

“The Band’s Ultimate Trip to Disney”

Amanda Charowsky

March 4, 2020

  Freshman Liam Burns drew this picture to celebrate the PAHS Marching Band’s recent trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. The band goes to Disney every four years to march in Magic Kingdom’s “Festival to Fantasty” parade. Burns was inspired to draw the band performing because as many ...

PAHS Student Speaks Out On Alcoholic Parent

PAHS Student Speaks Out On Alcoholic Parent

Samantha Woodford and Amanda Charowsky

February 20, 2020

As many as 76 million Americans have been exposed to irresponsible, excessive alcoholic behaviors in their family as children. In our own community today, children still face this dilemma. A Pottsville Area High School student was brave enough to share her own story.  She was only two years old when her f...

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