Ms. Lubinsky joins J.S.C


Courtesy of Faith Younker

J.S.C’s new principal has a tiktok page called principal_lubinsky. She has 3846 followers and 226k likes. She posts several different videos on her page, one of the main types is radio-style contests with the staff.

Kerri Lubinsky joined PASD as the new JSC principal on August 1st, 2022. You may know her from her TikTok Principal Lubinsky. She posted a radio-style contest that she did with staff. The video ended up taking off and going viral, with over 1.6 million views. She has since done guest spots on numerous radio stations all over the country. Assistant Principal Mrs. Reese and Principal Lubsinky got to do a takeover at Pottsville’s own T102. Lubinsky said “We’re having a blast!”

Lubinsky enjoys using social media as a platform to positively promote our district. They started a John S. Clarke YouTube channel in which they posted two ‘Back to School’ videos, to get their students excited about going back to school. They want everyone to feel excited about learning and that they belong at JSC!

Lubinsky believes in a true team approach to learning. She looks forward to building relationships with JSC, DHHL, and PAHS. “We all have so much to offer and provide support for each other. We are fortunate to be located so close together, within walking distance. I look forward to having our students work together at all levels. The PASD administrative team works so well together already, and I can’t wait to build on all of these relationships. Great things are coming our way!” said principal Lubinsky.

She likes to use the school’s PA system to create fun radio-style games and contests especially for Fun Friday. “I can’t wait to work with the staff and students of PAHS to help increase our positive social media presence. Instagram? Twitter? TikTok? Yes, please! Let’s continue to share the awesome things that are happening at PASD! Roll, Tide!”

She was a substitute teacher at John S Clarke and DHHL for two years, until she got a full time teaching position at Saint Clair Area. She was an assistant principal in the Reading School District for the last 8 years. Now she is part of PASD. “I had always hoped to come home to be a principal, because this is home and I am proud to serve my home community,” said Lubinsky.

“My mission as a principal is to merge fun and learning, so that all students love coming to school, and all staff enjoy coming to work! I am very involved in the classroom,” Lubinsky said she has already jumped in to model classroom management techniques. “I am here to guide, support, and of course, be the energy and fun!”

“JSC is a great place to work and our staff is amazing! My goal is to be a supportive leader who works together with our staff, families, and community, to help each student realize their fullest potential while making school exciting and fun. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!” said Lubinsky. JSC’s assistant principal, Mrs. Reese, and Principal Lubinsky hope to bring opportunities for community involvement at JSC. “It takes a village to support our students, so we want to create opportunities for our community to be involved in the great things that are happening at JSC. We have beautiful courtyards at JSC. My hope is to bring the community together to create beautiful outdoor learning spaces for our students.”

Principal Lubinsky sees a future at PASD, she said “I am literally living my dream and I hope to finish out my career here at PASD! I have about 20 years left, so hang on because it’s going to be a wild ride!”

Check out her TikTok page below: