Tide Lines

J.S.Cs new principal has a tiktok page called principal_lubinsky. She has 3846 followers and 226k likes. She posts several different videos on her page, one of the main types is radio-style contests with the staff.

Ms. Lubinsky joins J.S.C

Faith Younker, Staffer September 19, 2022

Kerri Lubinsky joined PASD as the new JSC principal on August 1st, 2022. You may know her from her TikTok Principal Lubinsky. She posted a radio-style contest that she did with staff. The video...

Cooking With Bricker Episode 1

Nicholas Horvath August 30, 2022

High school chemistry teacher Mr. Bricker heads to the kitchen to teach his student about the scientific method.

The Spartan Games

Nicholas Horvath May 19, 2022

Student athletes in the special education classes compete in various sports at the Spartan Games.

60 Seconds with Zoe Holden

Alyssa Sheriff April 6, 2022

How many questions can Zoe Holden answer in 60 seconds?

The March 2022 Mini THON Event

Nicholas Horvath March 18, 2022

The Pottsville Area High School's Mini THON hosted an event to help fight cancer. All of the proceeds from the event went to the Four Diamonds Fund, dedicated to conquering childhood cancer.

60 Seconds with Maria Malek

Alyssa Sheriff February 3, 2022

Maria Malek will have to answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds.

60 Seconds with Stephen Comisac

Tanya Johnson December 3, 2021

Stephen Comisac must answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds.

Senior Shannon Strickland paints her part of the Points of Light Mural. The mural is a collaborative project between schools across Schuylkill County.

Points of Light

Lauren Kane, Staffer March 6, 2020

Since the beginning of the year, art students from across Schuylkill County have been collaborating with the Walk In Art Center. Each school in Schuylkill County decided to take part in a 65 square foot...

The Bands Ultimate Trip to Disney

“The Band’s Ultimate Trip to Disney”

Amanda Charowsky March 4, 2020

  Freshman Liam Burns drew this picture to celebrate the PAHS Marching Band’s recent trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. The band goes to Disney every four years to march in Magic Kingdom’s...

Freshman Maggie Stencovage created a bright, floral design for her visual journal. Students in Miss Lindsey Boncores art classes design and make the journals themselves. My favorite part was being able to make our own designs instead of an assigned one.  Stencovage said This gave us the opportunity to show our creativity.”

Everybody has a Vision

Jenea Maurer, Staffer December 11, 2019

In Miss Lindsey Boncore's art classes, one of the first assignments is the Visual Journal. Students create and design their own notebooks/journals to draw warm ups, prompts, and sketches for future projects...

Every Sonnet Has Its Own Story

Every Sonnet Has Its Own Story

Lauren Kane, Staffer November 22, 2019

Everyone has written a poem, whether it was for an English class or just for fun. Even if you didn't want to write a poem, you still probably tended to make it about something that relates to you in some...

Junior Julia Malek created a classic Chimera- the catfish- for her Chimera project in Computer Art. She enjoyed the assignment. I think it was really fun, it was great to have an opportunity to create an animal and it was exciting.

Body of a fish… Head of a cat?

Catti-Brie Kunkelman, Jenea Maurer, and Harmonie Wotring November 22, 2019

When you think of mythical creatures, you probably think of the beautiful, enchanting unicorns, or something terrible and ugly, like the ogre. Chimeras are the mutts in the mythical world. They are created...

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