Behind the Hands of Robert OmahaBoy


Robbie OmahaBoy is currently the Artist of the Month for January at PAHS. He is smiling proudly next to his art that is displayed near the entrance to Mrs. Arnold’s room. “I have such a passion for art; I would like to study Studio Art and Art Education in college.”

OmahaBoy was introduced to art at a very young age, “I have loved art ever since I was in preschool. It’s always been my passion, and favorite way to pass time,”. Through the years, he claims his mother was always the biggest supporter of his creative inspiration. OmahaBoy is not the only artist in the family, he said, “My mom is an artist herself, she provides feedback to me during my creative blocks. My mother’s support and work as well as my passion for art is why I am an artist today.”

Artist of the Month is an award to a high school student, which goes out to one of the many talented students at Pottsville Area High School. This nomination is handpicked from the art department which includes Mrs. Greenawalt and Mrs. Arnold. Robert OmahaBoy was chosen as January’s Artist of the Month.

OmahaBoy’s art is a representation of his emotions and thoughts at the time of the piece. His work tends to depict his mood in some way. Whether it be the color choice, subjects, or ideas. OmahaBoy says, “ My favorite piece I’ve made is either my impossible still life from this year or my hidden pen and ink project. Both were very fun to create.” These two projects stuck out to OmahaBoy because they are one of the few works with an actual story and meaning behind them.

OmahaBoy did not always attend Pottsville. From kindergarten to freshman year Robbie attended Saint Clair school district. Along with art, he liked to write and play games with the heart of a huge animal lover.