Getting Opinionated: Senior Skip Day


Senior skip day has been a trend way before Pottsville. Students were late, or had to sign in during lunch because of how many seniors skipped. Ms. Watt said, “I see no reason to participate. Even in high school, I was a very academic person.”

Oh the joys of senior year! Cramming in scholarship essays, working while participating in high school, collecting references… the list goes on. But what makes senior year worth it? What memories do our seniors have to hold on to while they walk across that field? One of the many traditions in PAHS is senior skip day.

On Tuesday February 22, 2022 most of the 2022 senior class skipped school. A fellow senior, Lauren Klinger said, “a last hooray!”

“As a senior who did participate in senior skip day, I think it has more meaning than us just trying to make it hard on the teachers. Senior skip day has been around since before my dad was in high school, Minersville class of ‘87 for reference. It’s been something carried on as a way of us being rebellious one last time before high school is over. You and your friends enjoy a little adrenaline rush knowing that you skipped school together. Some go for breakfast, some go on little day trips. But all together it’s just a little last “hooray” before we graduate and part ways. But it was fun to see the absent sign-in line all the way back to McGoey’s classroom”

According to Wikipedia, “Senior Skip Day is a tradition in American schools where students in the senior class skip school. It is commonly held the Monday following Senior Prom or another large event.”

However, Mrs. Hummel had to disagree, “Long lasting trend, not a tradition. I personally don’t see a point to senior skip day. There are plenty of times seniors get out early, aren’t in school, etc.”

She didn’t even participate in her class’s senior skip day. “I wasn’t allowed to skip school, my dad was a teacher, my mom was a nurse. I practically couldn’t skip school unless I was on my deathbed.” said Mrs. Hummel.

One of the lingering effects of senior skip day is the attendance sign in line. “The sign-in attendance line was ridiculous and most students were late to homeroom. At one point teachers even asked if I could change the bell schedule. It took three teachers to run the attendance sign-in.” Mrs. Hummel said.

Mrs. Hummel made some good points. Who else knows senior skip day like Mrs. Watt, notorious for her hatred of senior skip day.

“As a teacher, senior skip day is super annoying, if I’m being completely honest. I personally teach mostly seniors, so when my whole class skips, it’s a massive inconvenience.” Mrs.Watt said.

“Then it comes down to, do I reward the absences by not teaching? If not, I have to change my lesson plans, all because of a little trend. Attendance was hit or miss, some of my classes were full, some two thirds of my class was missing. I found out the morning of, when the ground floor was a ghost town. Although no one gave me a heads up, I would appreciate one.” Mrs.Watt said.

With more communication, maybe senior skip day wouldn’t be such a bummer for teachers.

Overall, having a little fun and skipping a day of school during your senior year, definitely isn’t the worst thing you can do. Students all around America are doing it. One thing you can take away is, “It’s all about how you look at things, it isn’t harmful, but it does inconvenience your staff.” said Mrs. Hummel.