Afterwards: Students’ plans after high school


Courtesy of Nathan Kurtz

Jacob and Jonathan Barket pose with Penn State merchandise. They both committed to Penn State and hope to get a degree in business. “We feel that it’s like a dream come true. It’s a part of Pennsylvania and a perfect college where there’s an actual community there that shows kindness for each other. We might join a club or sport if we want to in the future,” said seniors Jacob and Jonathan Barket

What comes next? Should I go to college? Can I afford to go to college? Is the military an option? Would I be better suited for a trade school, or should I just find a job? So many questions running through our minds and those are our real-life choices that we need to face of what you want to do in life. Going to college, trade school, or a job, is not what you need, but it’s what you want to do and in order to do it you need to make a decision.

“I’m planning to go to the military when I’m done high school, and I think I am happy with choices of going to the military,” said Malikie Baser.

There are also things which people need to decide of how they will serve or how will they get their degree. There are some people who want to be a businessperson, doctor, chef, or lawyer.

“I’m planning to play baseball in college and get a business degree. I am happy with those choices because it’s a dream of mine,” said Brenan Adams.

However, there are some moments where there should be a reason to go to college or into the workforce, like people want to do this or that and there are people who will have the best moments of their life.

“The reason is because I want to follow the same footsteps of my family and get a wonderful job. I would say the best thing that would happen is that I would graduate from college and get a job,” said Tate Clarke.

“I’m not going to college at all, but I am planning to go into the Police Academy. I would say making my first million dollars,” said Gaige Goodman.

“The reason I’m going to college is because I want to meet new people in the experience. I would say that graduating from college would be the best thing honestly,” said Brynn Nagle.

“I need to go to college to get into a particular field that I want to be in. I would say by doing this would make my family proud,” said Lauren Klinger.

However, there are times that you want to have a dream career and you finally realize that it’s not for you. Then you gave up on that dream and you try something new. You finally realize that this is your true passion and you find yourself a new talent that you can use for your career.

There are people who think they don’t fit in with some jobs they don’t like. Plus, sometimes it’s the worrying part of it all because of when you’re done high school. You’re not only going to have a summer break, but you’re going to need a summer job. Without it, you are not going to make any money. Making money is important because you’re growing up soon and you’re going to be making your own life choices one day.

“I wanted to be botanist. I wanted to be like that for a long time, but then I realized I hate science and it wasn’t for me. My goals that I have planned are that I want to study abroad and do field work,” said Kendra Spevak.

“I actually never had a dream career or never thought of having one. But I would say graduate with honors before high school,” said Mike Sukeena.

So, here you are now as a senior in high school. You’re really starting to take responsibility in everyday life. You finally made some very awesome achievements and might be planning something for your greatest dreams of the future. So, the ultimate question that should be asked is, “What comes next in life?”