As Seasons Change, Schedules Do Too


Courtesy of PAHS

The Junior football player featured in this story stands proudly as he watches his teammates on the field as they are making a play against Crestwood.This player usually is wearing a necklace or a chain that he considers a “lucky item”.

Did you ever wonder what a day in the life of a PAHS student athlete is like?

First alarm goes off at 6:40, and he presses snooze. The next alarm is at 6:45 and he finally rolls out of bed. He goes to his bathroom to brush his teeth and gets ready for the day he has ahead of him.
He walks downstairs with his parents already up and hears the sizzling of the bacon and smells the luscious eggs (cooked “over light”). He drinks his chocolate milk and finishes up his plate.
7:10 – He is out the door and is ready to pick up his friends.
7:25 – He is in the parking lot ready to take on nine class periods, and a practice after school.
He hits the books for the next 7 hours.
When school is over at 2:30, he gets ready to hit some baseballs and throw some pitches!
When his practice is over at 5:30, he goes home and eats dinner. He starts his homework for the night and when he is done, he gets a good night’s rest.

First alarm goes off at 7:00 on a hot August day.
After he eats his healthy breakfast for the day, he collects his football equipment and gets on his way.
He arrives at the school at 7:20 to be ready for the start of the first two-a-day practice at 7:30.
At 8:00 there is a meeting held with coaches and it consists of watching film and coming up with strategies to win football games.
Then, after two and a half hours, the full padded first practice comes to an end and he eats lunch in the high school cafeteria.
Around 1:45 he has a 45 minute lift session.
When the lift is over, he puts back on his sweaty equipment for an afternoon practice that includes throwing the ball to receivers and practicing plays.
After a long day, he is on his way home at around 5:30.
When he gets home, he eats a healthy dinner and climbs right into bed to get the rest he needs back for the next day.

First alarm goes off at 6:00 and he’s up quickly, looking forward to an exciting football Friday game later that night.
He gets changed for school and drives to Saint Pat’s church to attend the 6:30 mass with the whole football team.
After church, he goes to the D.H.H Lengel Middle School and is provided with breakfast by the mother’s boosters to kickstart his game day morning.
When he gets out of school, he goes to Palermo’s for a good bowl of lobster bisque with his friends.
For a home game, he is in the locker room by 5:00 to be ready with the first group of players to go out and warm up at 5:30.
At 5:50 he goes into the locker room and puts on his shoulder pads to get his final warmup before the game starts.
Around 6:30 he goes up to the locker room one last time. Coach Yost and Coach McGeoy always fire him and his teammates up in the locker room before they walk down the hill onto the field.
Once the game is over, he goes out to eat and hangs out with friends.
After he drops his friends off, he goes home and gets a great night’s rest.

First alarm goes off at 6:45 on a cold winter Monday morning.
Once he wakes up, he gets his school clothes on and heads downstairs to eat a healthy breakfast.
While he is on his way to school, he picks up his three friends.
He hits the books the rest of the day until 2:30.
After school he has football lifting. He works out doing squats, deadlifting, lunges and benching.
When he is done, he goes home, eats dinner and does his homework.
He goes out with his friends to Sheetz and has a good time.
Just after he gets home, he watches ESPN and any hockey or basketball game that is on.
He gets some good sleep, just to repeat the same thing the next day.

You can say Patrick Yoder has a busy schedule!