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Sports Adjust to COVID-19

 Senior Nico Boris is running down the field during his soccer practice. The PIAA And Governor Tom Wolf agreed to let fall sports continue. “I feel great that we are actually allowed to play. I would’ve been heartbroken if we weren’t allowed. Coach  Reichert has been just making sure we are focused to try and cram everything in last minute because it is difficult to cram an entire off-season into one month.”

Ava Jefferson, Staffer

September 11, 2020

Did someone say fall sport season? Unfortunately, this year is a little different than how it’s been in the past.COVID-19 is also taking effect on the 2020-2021 season for this year. Many fans, students, and coaches were hoping this pandemic settled down to prepare and start training for their upcoming...

What’s in Store- Spring Sports

The team meets up at the pitcher’s mound slapping fives after a good play. “ I have been playing softball for eight years. My favorite position is pitching because that’s where I feel the strongest and I can control the pace of the game,” said freshman Alex Blum.

Ava Jefferson, Staffer

February 21, 2020

With the winter sports coming to an end, the spring sports are taking off. Track baseball, softball and tennis all started conditioning and are getting ready for the upcoming season. Baseball Junior baseball player Patrick Yoder said, “ We practice for baseball five or six times a week.” Sunda...

As Seasons Change, Schedules Do Too

The Junior football player featured in this story stands proudly as he watches his teammates on the field as they are making a play against Crestwood.This player usually is wearing a necklace or a chain that he considers a “lucky item”.

Ava Jefferson, Staffer

February 3, 2020

Did you ever wonder what a day in the life of a PAHS student athlete is like? Spring First alarm goes off at 6:40, and he presses snooze. The next alarm is at 6:45 and he finally rolls out of bed. He goes to his bathroom to brush his teeth and gets ready for the day he has ahead of him. He walks...

Crimson Tide Wrestling Hasn’t Tapped Out Yet

Sam Sterns, sophomore at Nativity BVM, wrestles for the Pottsville Crimson Tide in a match against the Jim Thorpe Indians on Wednesday night. The Tide won against Jim Thorpe with a score of 49-24. Sterns said, “My big goal for the season was to have a better record. I want to be able to show my hard work and dedication.”

Carly Mohl, Staffer

January 21, 2020

No one can seem to pin Crimson Tide Wrestling! With a record of 2-2, the Tide has remained strong through tough opponents like Blue Mountain and Easton. The dedication and motivation of the team has set our boys apart from others. Best said by Sam Sterns, a Sophomore wrestling at Pottsville from Nativity ...

We’re Number “Won”- PAHS Football

Junior Robert Walchak dives in an attempt to tackle the ACC quarterback. Walchak played football since he was young and has dreamed about winning the District Championship. “We deserved that win so much more than any other team in the district,” said Walchak.

Wyatt Selinko, Staffer

November 21, 2019

The Pottsville Crimson Tide football team has been on a tear this season. They won their last two District playoff games. By succeeding in those games, the Tide secured a spot in the District XI Championship game on November 16th against Allentown Central Catholic. The Tide players were more than...

What is Your “Why”?

Tayla Jones, Contributor

November 20, 2019

Everyone has a “why” for the sport that they play, whether they play it for a specific person or just for personal interest. Unfortunately, not everyone knows their “why”. Knowing your “why” changes how you play the game, and it changes your perspective on how you as a player can do anything. Most...

The Secret Behind The Pottsville Boys Basketball Program’s Success

Pottsville Boys Basketball players hold up the Schuylkill League Championship
trophy after their victory over Blue Mountain 51-35 on February 16, 2019. The
Pottsville Boys Basketball Program has won multiple Schuylkill League 
championships, District championships, and has made appearances in states
throughout the past twelve years. “We have high expectations for this 
upcoming season. I feel like this team could produce one of the best seasons we’ve 
ever had as a program,” Senior Mason Barnes said.

Josh Daubert, Contributor

November 7, 2019

Eight Schuylkill League titles. Four District XI titles. Eight-time state qualifier. All in the past twelve years. Nothing screams success like that does. Pottsville’s Boys Basketball program has one of the best, if not the best, basketball team in Schuylkill County, racking up their championship titles....

Prayers for Six

 North Schuylkill senior, Jaden Leiby, is throwing the ball to another teammate. During the game on October 25, he was seriously injured making a tackle. Countless thoughts and prayers outpoured from the community in hopes of a speedy recovery. Hashtags like the one pictured above have been circulating throughout social media in support of Jaden.

Carly Mohl, Staffer

November 1, 2019

A parent’s worst nightmare took place during the football game last Friday night. Jaden Leiby was making a tackle on Pottsville’s Bobby Walchak. As he was running to make the tackle, Leiby crashed into Walchak and was seriously injured. Leiby, who rushed 13 times for 134 yards and 3 touchdowns...

Hittin’ The Road

Senior Damon Yost is scanning the field looking for a receiver to throw the football to.

Wyatt Selinko, Staffer

September 27, 2019

A two hour bus trip may not sound the most pleasing right before a game, but the Crimson Tide had to deal with it. This didn’t stop the players from playing any harder. Freshman Joey Palko said, “I’m excited for the R&J buses and the two hour ride will be a good experience for the team. I fe...

Saying Goodbye to the Golf Season

Junior David Troutman is preparing to hit the ball. He wanted to make it into the hole to help his team. “I want to focus and try my best on all 18 holes,” said Troutman’s teammate, Dominick Chiccini.

Ava Jefferson, Staffer

September 23, 2019

Athletes find it upsetting when their seasons come to an end. Football, baseball, basketball and soccer are all included, but in this case, golf is our game! Athletes will be awaiting next year for positioning the tee, having the perfect stance and swing of the iron across the green for a hopeful hole-in...

History Night 2019

Junior Kenneth Glore can be seen demonstrating his part of the presentation. He was describing the uses for radioactive material during the Manhattan Project.

Michael Johnson-Ponce, Editor

May 15, 2019

History Night is one of Pottsville’s greatest traditions. Every year, juniors in Mr. Taronis’ American history classes get into groups to give students and parents a glimpse into the past with a topic of their choosing. There were so many topics for people to choose from that there was no shortage...

The Rivalry Continues

Junior Kalie Conrad shoots a free throw while other Tide players surround her. The Eagles waited anxiously as she shot the ball. “Our last game went very well because Pottsville was able to walk off the court with a win,” said Senior Alexa Cesari.

Greta Snukis, Staffer

February 5, 2019

The Blue Mountain vs. Pottsville game is always something the students and athletes look forward to. Fans fill up the stands to watch the thrilling games between the opposing teams. According to PAHS athletes, the competition between the Eagles and Tide has a different intensity level than other matc...

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