Sports Adjust to COVID-19


Brock Regnier

Senior Nico Boris is running down the field during his soccer practice. The PIAA And Governor Tom Wolf agreed to let fall sports continue. “I feel great that we are actually allowed to play. I would’ve been heartbroken if we weren’t allowed. Coach Reichert has been just making sure we are focused to try and cram everything in last minute because it is difficult to cram an entire off-season into one month.”

Did someone say fall sport season? Unfortunately, this year is a little different than how it’s been in the past.COVID-19 is also taking effect on the 2020-2021 season for this year. Many fans, students, and coaches were hoping this pandemic settled down to prepare and start training for their upcoming fall season.

Pennsylvania governor, Tom Wolf held many conferences to vote whether fall sports should be played or not. Conferences were also held to vote by the PIAA deciding if they should continue during the pandemic with fall sports. In the end, Wolf and the PIAA agreed to push back fall sports two weeks.

Senior soccer player Daniel Albertini said, “While being quarantined, our coach sent us workouts to do daily and we also did zoom calls to stay in shape for the season.”

Senior soccer player Lexy Maccarone said, “COVID has definitely really affected our season so far. In previous years, we are always so prepared and ready for the season with uniforms, captains, a roster, game plans, etc., but this year all of that has gotten pushed back because of being unable to practice for a few weeks, unsure if we will even have a season, etc. The wearing of the masks and a 6 foot distance between players definitely feels a little strange as well. Yea, this year is off to a super strange start and I’m just hoping we can have a full season and bring home another championship.”

To keep all the players safe, game schedules were changed to in-county teams. 1978 was the last time Pottsville Football played Nativity BVM Highschool.This will be the Pottsville Football Team’s first game, Sunday, September 11th.

Junior Travontai Davis said, “It is strange playing a team we haven’t played in years. Our team prepared ourselves for their unusual defense.The Nativity playbook has changed, so we have to be locked in for any curve balls they throw at us.”

Athletic directors, Mr. Eric Ristmiller and assistant athletic director Mr. Scott Mattea had lots of keeping up with Governor Wolf and the PIAA this summer.

Mattea said, “For Mr. Rismiller and I, this summer was a very challenging one. As far as if sports were going to be held or not, it almost changed daily. It did not seem like the PIAA and Governor Wolf’s office were on the same page and we felt there was a lack of communication. There is no doubt it was very frustrating.”