Masked up for winter sports


Photo by Destiny Angel

Varsity players Mike Sukenna, Nicco Heimbaugh, and Johnny Ballard practice masked up in Martz Hall. The boys varsity basketball team holds a record of 2-1 beating North Schuylkill, and Lehighton and losing to Wilson. Senior varsity basketball player, Nicco Boris (not pictured) said, “ It’s hard to breathe and play at 100% but we will do anything to be able to have our season. Even if this is having to wear the mask.”

After the commonwealth of Pennsylvania was shut down for three weeks, winter sports are back in session. COVID did not have much of an effect on fall sports but for winter sports it is a different story. Here at Pottsville Area High School, the athletes have to wear a mask while competing. Wrestlers and basketball players have to wear a mask for practices, matches and games. 

Senior wrestler, RJ Quinn said, “I have gotten used to the masks because we are required to wear them during practice.” 

Every wrestler will receive four tickets to give out to family and friends so they are able to attend the matches. 

Basketball players are also required to wear masks in their games at every facility. 

Senior player, Nicco Boris said, “ It is uncomfortable that we have to wear the mask. It’s hard to breathe and play at 100% but we will do anything to be able to have our season. Even if that is having to wear the mask. We have all started to adjust to the masks during practice but it is still a disadvantage. Obviously we’d rather not wear them because it’s easier to breathe without them. It becomes easier and easier everyday.” 

The swimming and diving team will only be allowed to have spectators at home meets due to the Coronavirus.

Senior, Corey Rinda said, “We won’t really have anyone to race against since meets aren’t like they used to be. It makes it more competitive when I can see the other swimmers from different schools right next to me and that pushes me to work harder.”