Three week shutdown affects the Pottsville wrestling team


Photo by Destiny Angel

Nativity Senior, Matt Ross is in action at wrestling practice getting ready for the season. The wrestlers had to adapt to wearing masks during practice. Ross said, “Most of us have things we can do to stay ready for the season at our houses so it won’t affect us too much.”

Before the wrestling season even started, the Pottsville Area wrestling team had to shut down due to the COVID outbreak. This has been occurring many times this year due to the cases rising.  The pandemic planning committee has been meeting consistently since March when the pandemic first started.

Many of the students who wrestle for Pottsville go to different schools around Schuylkill county. Nativity Senior, Matt Ross was devastated their practice time was taken away for three weeks due to Covid but held a positive mindset through the setback.

Ross said, “I don’t think it will really affect our season. Our team has been in the room for a good bit now. We are way ahead of what others are in the league and district. Most of us have things we could do to stay ready for the season at our houses to stay in shape the next two weeks.”

Pottsville Senior, Dylan Bohorad said, “Having to shut down for two weeks had a couple small effects on our season but had one big effect. Since we have to quarantine, we will not get a certain amount of practices that we need to start our season, so now we have to cancel our first two matches.”

Many athletes have been affected by their sport closing down for two weeks and have had to find ways to stay in shape at home. Whether you would run a mile or two, or do 10 push-ups a day.

Bohorad also said, “Some things I did to stay active while in quarantine was going for runs when the weather wasn’t too bad, and just doing things at home, like push-ups or lifting dumbbells.”