Fridays Without Football

This year has been filled with changes and restrictions. With school being cut short last year and significant restrictions being added to the school day this year, the big question was “will we still have sports?”

After the relief of sports still being able to happen, we sadly learned that there would be no spectators permitted at football games. As things slowly started to get back to normal, some spectators were allowed at football games, but only with a ticket. Each member of the team, band, and cheerleaders were given four tickets each to distribute to friends and family.

With this new change, kids in the DHH Lengel Middle School had to find something different to do with their fall Friday nights.

8th grader Lizzy Martinko said, “My family and I usually get pizza and either listen to the football game on the radio or watch the live stream.”

“I usually have a sporting event of my own, or I spent time with my cousins and family on Friday nights,” 6th grader Jo Barnhart said.

Many kids are very disappointed about not being able to attend the football games this year.

6th grader Nick Huda said, “I miss meeting up with my friends and hanging out with them at football games.”

Overall, this year has been very different, and hopefully, things will get back to normal by next football season!