Senior night in raps


Pictured above, the PAHS Marching Band members stand together before their senior night performance. All of the PAHS seniors involved in band, flags and majorettes got together in the band room to take a picture.

Being a senior in high school is a major step in life. This is when they start to become adults and go off to college. At Pottsville Area School District we try to recognize the seniors for our sports and our band. The 2022-2023 school year’s senior night for football and the band occurred on the last home game, October 21. 

For PAHS senior majorettes the juniors and underclassmen pitched in to get them each a gift consisting of a blanket with their name embroidered on it, a picture of the whole squad and a Dunkin gift card. 

“I know college is just around the corner after this year so I’ve been enjoying pep rallies, football games, twirling on the football field, and school a little more extra than the prior years,” Senior Ava Jefferson said, “I’m looking forward to the next couple of months here at PAHS and making memories with my friends that will last a lifetime! I have been twirling since I was about 7 years old and I have been on the majorette squad since my 8th grade year.”

A lot of seniors are counting down the days until graduation but they have a bittersweet feeling about leaving their childhood. PAHS will always hold a special place in seniors’ hearts for they will remember their friends and all the memories they made. 

Jefferson adds, “It’s very emotional and heartbreaking that I have to say goodbye to the one thing I’ve been doing my whole life. The squad, and my coach, Deneice Krater hold such a special place in my heart. The memories with the girls this year and prior years, and twirling on the field is something I’m going to cherish forever.”

For PAHS senior flags everyone pitched in to get them each a bin full of different things including a small squishmallow, their favorite snacks and candy. 

“I am very upset this is my last year and I will miss everyone so much, but it has taught me to be a good teammate and leader and I’m beyond grateful for the experience,” senior Teagan Kruss said. 

For PAHS senior band members everyone involved in their specific instrument section  got them a gift. For flutes, they all got their senior Sam a little gift to remember her last home game. 

“I have been in the band for four years and I definitely made a lot of friends, some of which being underclassmen,” senior Alyssa Goodman said, “being a senior is accomplished knowing it is your last year in high school, it still doesn’t feel like I’m a senior. I am excited to graduate this year and attend college but I am definitely going to miss all the friends I made along the way.”

For PAHS senior football players everyone on the football team and the cheerleaders got them a gift for their last football season.

“It’s crazy to be a senior because I feel like I was just coming into high school yesterday. High school football ending soon is upsetting but I knew it would eventually come to an end so I’ve been preparing myself,” senior Amaree Bainbridge said, “we had a nice senior night and got some gifts after the game.”

For our senior cheerleaders, Ashley Scott, Trinity Reedy and Rayven Ciccanti, the other cheerleaders bought them a couple gifts for their senior year.

Senior Ashley Scott said, “Being a senior came with a lot of realization. It’s your last year, and everything is gonna be different after you graduate. Being with the team and having all the memories to bring with you helps senior year go by a little smoother.”