PAHS Football Season has Come to a Close


Courtesy of PAHS

Senior Stephen McCloud runs toward the ball trying to block the play. The Tide ended their season losing 35-42. “I feel like we had more to play for,” said McCloud.

The Crimson Tide football team’s season came to an end Friday, November 22. The Tide lost in the State Quarterfinals to Jersey Shore in triple over time. The final score of the game was Jersey Shore 42, Crimson Tide 35.

It’s always sad when a season comes to an end. Underclassmen say one last goodbye to upperclassmen. For most upperclassmen, this is the last time they step on the field.

Senior Stephen McCloud said, “I feel like it ended way too fast. I feel like we had more to play for.”

Friday November 29 Jersey Shore lost to Dallas 56-28 ruining their hopes of making it to the State Championship. If The Tide would’ve beat Jersey Shore they would’ve played Dallas.

Despite the loss, The Tide had a great season to be proud of.