Tide Lines

Wildfires Continue to Spread Across California

This satelite image shows California's wildfires from an aerial view.

Madison Wright, Staffer

December 6, 2019

Flame, wood and wind do not mix well together. These three elements create fire. When California’s wildfires started in 2018, many were put out of a home and relatives were scared for their families. Even though we live in Pennsylvania, the California wildfires affect us in a number of ways. The ...

Teens and Tattoos

Tattoo artist Chris Cutruff from Good Vibrations in Pottsville works on a leg tattoo color fill. The large flower design took multiple sessions to complete and satisfy the customer’s vision. “[Teens] might not like the tattoo they got when they were 15. By the time they are 30, they may regret it. It will be something [teens] have to live with for the rest of [their] lives,” Cutruff said.

Emily Maltais, Contributor

November 22, 2019

     Many teens like to express themselves with tattoos or piercings. To get a tattoo on their own teens must be 18 years old and legal adults. However, younger teens can get tattoos with a parent present, written consent, birth certificate (or ID), and custody agreement, if applicable. Even with all th...

“Peppa What are you Doing on Tidelines?”

The BBC show Peppa Pig is watched by a wide age range of viewers. Peppa Pig influenced student art in many different mediums too. Senior Tristen Clews said, “This year at band camp we used chalk to draw out spots and everyone kept drawing Peppa Pig.”

Alexis Shilling, Contributor

November 21, 2019

Why is Peppa Pig so relevant on social media and what is the animal’s impact? Peppa Pig is a popular children’s show that airs on Nickelodeon from BBC. Whether high school students like to admit it or not, we’ve all watched. “I used to watch it when I was younger. I thought she was funny because...

Good Times, Letter to the Editor

Photo by Mrs. Leslie Herring

Mr. Carmen DiCello, PAHS Teacher

November 21, 2019

Good times--how blessed so many of us are to experience good times! Of course life isn't always good.  Sometimes, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Heartache and tragedy and dark clouds can mark our days, and no one should pretend that we don't all encounter certain painful realities. When hurtful...

60 Seconds With Zaidian Vanorden

60 Seconds With Zaidian Vanorden

Leilani Lespeigle, Staffer

November 19, 2019

Zaidian is asked questions he needs to answer in 60 seconds.

Pep Rally Dance-Off

Pep Rally Dance-Off

Aidan Moran, Video Production Editor

November 15, 2019

Student and teacher pairs have a dance-off at the pep rally on November 8th.

60 Seconds with Bobby Walchak

60 Seconds with Bobby Walchak

Leilani Lespiegle, Staffer

October 29, 2019

This week, Lelani spoke with Bobby Walchak.

You Won’t Want to “Hit or Miss” this New Trend!

Jake Montgomery is pictured above in one of his viral videos on TikTok. Montgomery gained roughly 2,000 followers on TikTok. “In my free time I Iike to make videos because I enjoy making people laugh,” said Montgomery.

Tanya Johnson, Staffer

October 11, 2019

It’s 7:30p.m., and an ad for TikTok pops up on your phone. Usually you’d skip over the ad, but you become intrigued. You click on the ad, and download TikTok onto your phone, then realize that you’ve seen people go onto the app before.  TikTok is a popular social media app for sharing short videos. T...

Hola, New Student Alert!

Sophomore Francisco Guerrero is seen outside of study hall. He recently transferred from the Dominican Republic. “I want to see what happens here and if there are any good opportunities for me,” Guerrero said.

Tanya Johnson, Staffer

October 3, 2019

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the Dominican Republic. Whether you learned in History or Spanish class, the Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation located in Central America, known for its beautiful beaches and resorts. Pottsville is lucky enough to welcome two new students from the Domin...

Subscribe to PewDiePie?

Subscribe to PewDiePie?

Jacob Barket, Staffer

May 10, 2019

Who is PewDiePie? PewDiePie is a YouTuber who has a lot of subscribers. He can also be considered the king of YouTube by doing Let’s Play commentaries and his comedic-formatted shows on YouTube. His real name is Felix Ulf Kjellberg. He is from Sweden as well.   Another YouTuber, who runs an Indian music c...

60 Seconds With Mason Barnes

60 Seconds With Mason Barnes

Aidan Moran

March 14, 2019

Mason Barnes answers questions in a game of 60 Seconds.

60 Seconds With Mr. DiCello

Mr. DiCello answers questions in a game of 60 Seconds.

Aidan Moran

February 28, 2019

Mr. DiCello answers questions in a game of 60 Seconds.

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