Students reflect on winter break


Ava Jefferson and her parents went to her grandmother’s house to celebrate Christmas. Everyone celebrates Christmas differently, but Jefferson celebrated following her family’s tradition. Jefferson said “On Christmas I got to see my grandmother for dinner later in the day. In the morning we open gifts at my house, then I go to my other grandmothers and then also my grandfathers.”

On Thursday December 23, 2021, not only did students get out early for winter break but, Students who are affiliated with clubs helped those in need by delivering Christmas baskets. The PAHS clubs and organizations collected non-perishable items such as cranberry sauce, juice, hot chocolate cookies, candy, canned corn and peas, etc. and put them into the baskets. Then they were donated to those in need this time of year. Sophomore Madison Eroh said “I participated in the Christmas baskets because it’s a good way to get involved with my community and school, and we’re helping out fellow citizens as well.”

Every year in December people celebrate Christmas Eve on the 24th and Christmas Day the 25th. Some Families and friends gather and have lunch or dinner on just Christmas Eve or Christmas day. While other families and friends gather on both Christmas Eve and day to have a lunch or dinner Amaree Bainbridge said “I had both Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. I had ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, Mac and cheese, and apple pie. My favorite was the apple pie.” At Christmas people look forward to spending time with their family and friends and exchanging gifts. Bainbridge said “My favorite gift was the new beats I got.”

At the end of every year New Year’s Eve is celebrated on the last day of December, and the New Year arrives on January 1st at 12AM. People have parties and have a great time with family and friends, celebrating the old year and the new year. Bainbridge said “I had COVID during the beginning of break, so my favorite day was New Years because I was allowed to go out of the house. I loved hanging out with my friends and I really enjoyed the Buffalo chicken dip.” Garrity also spent New Years with her friends “I went to my friends house and we had a small party. My favorite part was all of us being together and celebrating together.”

Unfortunately school resumed on Monday January 3rd 2022. Bainbridge said “I wish the break was longer.” Many other students wanted the break to be longer as well because they enjoyed the time off hanging out with family and friends, not having school work, sleeping in, etc. Garrity said “I wish the break was longer, it felt very short and by the end of break I was wishing it would last longer. I got to hangout with my friends and finally sleep in, which I really enjoyed. As well as not having to do all of the schoolwork I would normally have to do. It was good to get a break where I could focus on other things besides just school.”