Tide Lines

Bonding with our future classmates

PLAY - Students participating in the gym activity during PBIS play basketball and volleyball on February 14.

McKenzie Bowers and Autumn Cover

March 10, 2020

On February 14th (Valentine’s Day), DHH Lengel had a PBIS reward with Saint Clair Area Middle School students. Saint Clair took a bus to our school and spent the morning here participating in activities with DHHL students. All students from grades 5-8 at DHHL and St. Clair participated in the event...

We all flip for flapjacks!

We all flip for flapjacks!

Kali Grochowski, Lengel Lingo Staffer

February 10, 2020

Some lucky students started the new year with a bang! Over a hundred students in grades 5-8 were nominated by teachers for displaying their Tide Pride and following the PBIS rules. The lucky students received a little note about their nomination and to head to the cafeteria for a special breakfast. A...

DHHL PBIS raises funds with weekly sale

SELL - Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Fehr, and Mrs. Sophy pose on a Friday afternoon after the bi-weekly pretzel and iced tea sale.

Maggie Brennan, Lengel Lingo Staffer

February 4, 2020

The pretzel and ice tea sale is something that happens every other Friday afternoon here at DHH Lengel Middle School. The pretzel and iced tea sale just recently changed to be being every other week instead of every week. The sale is held on each floor starting at 2:30 p.m. Our PBIS team purchases...

PBIS Student Perspectives

PBIS Student Perspectives

January 7, 2020

Students from Pottsville Area discuss what they like about PBIS and the Crimson Carnival.

Lengel students fine dine at Crimson Cafe

DINE - Lengel students have the opportunity to redeem their Crimson Cash for lunch from a restaurant once per month at the Crimson Cafe pictured here at the top of Martz Hall.

Hannah Martician, Staffer

December 4, 2019

There’s something new that is cooking at DHHL, and it’s called Crimson Cafe. Crimson Cafe is a reward incentive that offers students the opportunity to each lunch from a restaurant. Crimson Cafe takes place one Friday per month at the top of Martz Hall during lunch periods. It’s $10 C...

Students Learn the Value of PRIDE

Mr. Lucas Bricker is sharing a slideshow presentation for the PBIS Assembly. He explained the importance of PBIS and PRIDE.

Madison Wright, staffer

October 23, 2019

As students walked into the auditorium on Monday September 23, for the PBIS assembly, excitement was in the air. Freshmen were told to sit near the front of the balcony and the upperclassmen were told to sit in their assigned sections on the ground floor. Before it started, there were conversations about ...

John S. Clarke unveils new bus rewards program

John S. Clarke unveils new bus rewards program

Madison Wright, Staffer

October 15, 2019

John S. Clarke Elementary students Emma Culbert, Da-Shawn Jones, Ceira Kline and Kyla Ney describe what they did to receive bus bucks. Bus bucks are like pride cash and students can get them for doing what they are supposed to do on the bus. “I got a bus buck for keeping my hands and feet to myself,”...

End of the year PBIS events excite students

End of the year PBIS events excite students

Quinn Evans, Staffer

May 20, 2019

There are many events in the upcoming weeks happening outside of our school. These are all end of the year rewards for positive behavior involving our school-wide PBIS program. First of all, the 8th grade class will be visiting Knoebels on Thursday, May 23. This is a huge trip that the 8th grade class...

Students Participate in PBIS Event on March 15

The dodgeball tournament was the biggest event, because even the students who hadn't signed up for a specific event could come and spectate. “I liked how it wasn’t a one game elimination, which gave some teams more time to have fun instead of just losing right away. I liked the team ideas for what they were going to wear, like the jerseys and the pink out. It very competitive, but everyone had fun in the end,” said freshman Grant Lapachinsky.

Michael Johnson-Ponce and Justin Lescavage, Editor and Staffer

March 21, 2019

On Friday March 15, students at the high school who displayed good behavior participated in a school-wide event. The last PBIS event was  a basketball game that teachers could participate in, with added entertainment from the pep band. Students had much more choice this time around, with about twenty ...

Different ways you can use your Crimson Cash

Different ways you can use your Crimson Cash

Braylin Kemfort, Staffer

February 22, 2019

Teachers at PAHS have been distributing crimson cash throughout the school year, but there are now a few new ways for students to use their cash. The purpose of crimson cash is to reward students for doing things well and also for helping around the school. Teachers on the PBIS Committee came up with...

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