PBIS activities relieved end of semester anxiety


(Left to Right) Jade Heberling, Charley Brode, Lillian Harris and Kaitlyn Paschal-Greene pose with their books of choice as they use their PBIS for independent reading and meditation with Mrs. Maria Malek. PBIS sponsored activities for students in which they are rewarded for good behavior and attendance through various activities. Junior Jade Herbling said, “ I chose the reading room for PBIS because I find reading comforting and relaxing. My friend and I thought relaxation is definitely what we needed for the end of the day.”

The end of the semester is a stressful and exhausting time for students every year. In addition to that, teachers face the pressure from students to submit test scores and class work into Skyward. This anxious period of time will have some wondering, is there any way to alleviate their stress? As students are approaching the end of the marking period, this time they have a rewarding Friday to look forward to.

Once again, the PBIS Committee held activities for students to reward good behavior and attendance. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior In Schools and the there is something there for everyone, activities vary from crocheting/knitting with Mrs. Stasulli to Dodgeball with Mr. Wartella.

Junior Charley Brode said, “I signed up for Mrs Malek’s Reading and meditation room. I signed up because I wanted to relieve stress after the end of the semester and take a break after the very stressful Mr. Smink final.”

While stress relief was a motivating factor for some students, other students signed up for different activities.

Senior Ava Jefferson said, “For PBIS, myself and my friends and I signed up for bingo with Mrs. Anchorstar. I love Mrs. Anchorstar and have her for psychology. I signed up for dodgeball in the past and I haven’t played bingo in a while and wanted to change it up.”

Senior Samantha Kaser hopes to start a crocheting club at PAHS. She said, “For the PBIS day, I did the crocheting activities and started a crocheting club. We are trying to make an official crocheting club because I really wanted to start my business and crocheting was something that helped me during COVID and wanted to share it.”