PBIS Photo Gallery

Photo by Zoe Holden
Sophomore Camron Williams and Freshman Jacob Begansky make quesadillas at “Cooking with Bricker” for the PBIS day. Begansky said, “My favorite part of Cooking with Bricker” had to be teamwork from the other members to make quesadillas and guacamole.”
Photo by Ruby Shipe
Sophomore Tyler Kull enjoyed himself at Mrs. Skosnick’s board game room. Kull said, “I went to Skosnicks board game room. I played cards and talked with friends. I liked it because I got to play games with my friends in school. What made it memorable is that I was able to hangout with my friends I don’t get to see regularly.”
Photo by River Etherington
Sophomore Logan Miscannon played Rummy in Mrs. Skosnicks room. Rummy is a game when players try to form sets and sequences with cards. On a scale of one to ten Logan thinks he was a seven. Logan said, “There is a lot of luck involved.”
Photo by Becky Lascala
Sophomore Autumn Walchak sat back and talked to her friend while enjoying the dodgeball game during the PBIS. Walchak said, “For the PBIS event, I chose to watch dodgeball and I thought it was really fun! I really enjoyed watching the game, especially since I got to sit and talk with my friends.”
Photo by Justin Lescavage
Senior James Schaffer decided to take the challenge of trivia during the PBIS day. Schaffer said, “I had a lot of fun at the trivia event during PBIS. Getting together with friends and working together as a team was great. My favorite part of the event was the puzzles during each round.”
Photo by Tanya Johnson
Junior Emma Smith played bingo in Mrs. Anchorstar’s room and competed against her fellow classmates. Smith said, “I picked bingo because I have played bingo two times already with Mrs. Anchorstar, so I thought I was bound to win at least once this time. Unfortunately I was wrong, and practically everyone at my table but me won at my table. Basically I enjoyed it , especially since I got to meet my favorite social media influencer, Dohlia Omega.”
Photo by Leilani Lespiegle
Many students took part in Mrs.Fredericks’ game tournament and competed against other players. Junior James Bell, a student participant in the tournament, said, “The video game tournament was really fun and I was able to play with my friends and show off my skills.”
Photo by Vatti-Brie Kunkleman
Freshman Reily Messaros has a great time in the creativity and chill room on the day of the PBIS. Messaros said, “I went to the creativity and chill room. It was fun. I talked to my friends and write some nice conversation starters.”
Photo by Daphne Saint Juste
Senior Clayton Demcher took on the challenging but fun game of dodgeball. Demcher said, “I thought it was great. It was a nice break and a good reward for the students who were behaved throughout the first two quarters of school. We should have more in the future for behaved students at Pottsville.”