DHHL PBIS raises funds with weekly sale


Photo courtesy of Miss Ashley Shappell

SELL - Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Fehr, and Mrs. Sophy pose on a Friday afternoon after the bi-weekly pretzel and iced tea sale.

The pretzel and ice tea sale is something that happens every other Friday afternoon here at DHH Lengel Middle School. The pretzel and iced tea sale just recently changed to be being every other week instead of every week. The sale is held on each floor starting at 2:30 p.m.

Our PBIS team purchases soft pretzels from the Philadelphia Pretzel Factory, and iced teas and orange drink from Guers Dairy. You can also purchase a lollipop at the stand. The lollipop is either a Blowpop or a Tootsie Pop. Every item is one dollar each, you can also use Crimson Cash to purchase items at the stand. $5 Crimson Cash will get you either a pretzel, iced tea, or two lollipops. All of the money earned at the pretzel and iced tea stand goes toward the PBIS team and everything they do for our school such as assemblies, rewards programs, materials for PBIS student events, items for the basket auction, and food for Crimson Cafe.

Mrs. Holobetz, the PBIS lead teacher, orders and picks up pretzels every week. Along with Mrs. Kalinich, from the cafeteria staff, who provides the iced teas and the carts. Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Clemson, Mrs. Fehr, and Mrs. Sophy run the stands every week, along with some PBIS ambassadors, who rotate working the stand each week. Mrs. Revenis in the office counts all of the money, and then returns all of the profits to Mrs. Holobetz. All of the money from the pretzel and iced tea sale goes back to us students and our school, so don’t forget to bring some money in on a Friday and buy something from the stand!