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Senior Billy McGowan pole vaults through the air. AAA took place on Wednesday, May 18 2021. Mrs. Lombel says, “ Being in the AAA class is always tough, but we had impressive performances this season and at District Championships. The teams in AAA are always great competition and you know you are competing against some of the best athletes.”

Jumping into Triple A District Championships

Genesis Harrison, Staffer May 27, 2021

On Wednesday, May 18, 2021 was Pottsville Area's Triple A track and field district championship. Districts were held at Blue Mountain this year with most events being canceled last year due to COVID-19. In...

Senior Bobby Walchak stands proud after winning first in the 110M high hurdles. Leagues were held at Tamaqua Area High school this year. Walchak says “ My hardest event year was probably the 300m hurdles. I only ran it once, and I was doing really good until I fell. After that I retired from the 300 hurdles.”

Running into Schuylkill Leagues

Ava Jefferson, Staffer May 26, 2021

One of the last track events for most athletes, the Track and Field Schuylkill League Championships took place at Tamaqua Area high school on May 11 and May 12. Nativity BVM, Pottsville, Tamaqua, Pine...

Junior Emilee Rose and senior Greta Snukis take a winter weather photo. On December 16, 2020, students had a day to spend outside enjoying the snow. Junior Emilee Rose said, “I enjoy snow days because watching the snow fall is very pretty.”

Snowstorms and winter weather

Genesis Harrison, Staffer February 22, 2021

You look ahead while shielding your eyes from the icy snowflakes. The wind picks up speed sending hosannas of whirling snowflakes swirling faster and faster in the air. Then, suddenly more snow begins...

(From left to right, Nathan Colna, Emma Smith, Owen Golden, Debra Logothetides, Greta Snukis, and Lauren Klinger) This photo was taken at the 2019-2020 Schuylkill League Championships. Greta Snukis, Emma Smith and Owen Golden all medaled at this meet. Senior diver Greta Snukis said, “This year I was looking forward to Leagues because I wanted to reclaim my title. I was hoping for a 2peat. I do not agree with the fact that it couldn’t be rescheduled. I was hoping to improve my score and reach 400 with my 11 dives. I also wanted to improve my degree of difficulty and throw harder dives.

Schuylkill Leagues cancelled- swim and dive

Ava Jefferson, Staffer February 17, 2021

Due to the  COVID-19 outbreak, the 2021 Schuylkill League Championships were canceled for the swim and dive teams. Many fans, athletes and coaches look forward to this event towards the end of every season....

Pictured above are the five runners up from Winter Carnival 2019. After the pageant was over everyone who participated were allowed to celebrate the new winners at St. Nicholas Hall with friends and family. “I’m honestly so disappointed that Winter Carnival was canceled. It’s completely unnecessary to take away all of the fun things that you can only experience so many times during high school. First winter prom and now this, it’s just so frustrating and uncalled for. You could easily take precautions and still continue with doing the pageant. I know of so many girls that were looking forward to it, even I was and I’m not even allowed to run this year. It was my favorite opportunity that I received my junior year and being named Miss Congeniality was something so special to me. The memories I made with all of my friends were unforgettable and to have a once in a lifetime chance to participate as a junior being taken away just upsets me,” said senior Greta Snukis.

2020 Winter Carnival canceled

Tanya Johnson , Staffer December 23, 2020

With Governor Wolfe’s new regulations, any activity that includes more than 10 people cannot happen. The Winter Carnival was canceled this year.  Winter Carnival has been going on for 53 years. This...

(From left to right Allie Miske, Greta Snukis, Ava Stankavage) Allie, Greta, and Ava pose in front of the festive fall door. If a person couldn’t see their family members in person, they had the option of FaceTiming them or talking to them in during a zoom call. Senior Greta Snukis said,“Every year at almost every holiday, my cousins and I get a photo in front of my aunt’s door. My cousin, Allie, was unable to attend our celebration because of her being in a different state. So we put her on FaceTime and found a way to still get the photo.”

Thanksgiving with COVID-19

Tanya Johnson , Staffer December 7, 2020

Like everything else in 2020, Thanksgiving was very different from past years. With COVID-19 cases rising, families celebrating Thanksgiving could only have up to 10 guests while maintaining social distancing.  For...

Some students have been baking/cooking over the quarantine. On May 1, 2020, freshman Chloe Heintz made cookies to keep her from being bored. “Over the quarantine I have been spending a lot of time baking,” said Heintz.

Trying to survive the boredom

Greta Snukis, Editor-in-Chief May 7, 2020

Having too much free time is never a good thing. It causes people to become extremely bored and feel like they have nothing to do.  Considering the COVID-19 outbreak has made it nearly impossible to...

Then to now - growing up with figure skating

Then to now – growing up with figure skating

Greta Snukis, Editor-In-Chief April 25, 2020

At only age 10, Junior Greta Snukis found her passion for an incredibly time consuming and challenging sport. As of 2020, she has been figure skating for about seven years and plans to continue it for...

Freshman Madison Wright is running through her neighborhood to stay fit and active.

Staying Productive During the Outbreak

Greta Snukis, Editor-in-Chief April 18, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all non-essential businesses to shut down because of health concerns for everyone. This means that gyms, workout facilities, parks and sports complexes are not open either....

Tidelines Staffer, freshman Alex Maley spent some time with his dog, Toby, by taking pictures of him with a pair of cool glasses.

How is the Tidelines Staff Coping?

Greta Snukis, Editor-in-Chief April 1, 2020

  Important Note: If any PAHS students or teachers have photos of them doing interesting things during the quarantine and/or how they are spending their time, please...

Juniors Greta Snukis and Emma Smith stand on the podium after the Schuylkill League Diving Championships. Snukis placed first in diving while Smith placed third. Snukis said, ”My hard work and countless hours of nonstop diving paid off. I was super happy to have clean dives throughout the meet.”

Girls’ Swim and Dive Made a Splash at Leagues

Carly Mohl, Staffer February 13, 2020

This past Saturday, Schuylkill League swimmers spent their day at the pool for what felt like an eternity. The perseverance through the boredom proved to pay off, as swimmers like sophomore Taleah Ruben...

Snowflake contestants pose while getting their photo taken at the fashion show. All of the girls were required to wear an outfit that best described them. “My favorite event so far was princess Saturday because that’s when I really started to get to know all the girls and started making friendships,” Campion said.

A Whole Lot of Snowflakes- Winter Carnival 2020

Madison Wright , Staffer January 29, 2020

Every year, a panel of judges elect a Schuylkill County Snowdrop Princess, Snowflake Princess, and Queen of Snows. The judges consider poise, personality, voice projection and clarity as well as appearance.     This...

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