Staying Productive During the Outbreak


Freshman Madison Wright is running through her neighborhood to stay fit and active.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all non-essential businesses to shut down because of health concerns for everyone. This means that gyms, workout facilities, parks and sports complexes are not open either. Some may be asking, how are you supposed to stay fit and active then? There are several ways to still have a productive time even with everything closed. Here’s how:

The first idea for staying fit and active is going on a hike. Hiking is a great way to workout and enjoy the outdoors. As stated by health professionals, hanging out with friends is not recommended. Instead, go on a nice nature walk/hike with your family. 

The second way to stay productive is to do an arts and crafts project. Painting a picture or drawing aimlessly can help relieve stress while also keeping you occupied. If you need help starting out with what to paint or draw, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube. 

Idea number three on staying active is doing a stretch routine. As boring as it sounds, stretching can help make your day start out great by loosening tense muscles. You can challenge yourself by making up your own routine or following along with a video on the internet. 

The fourth way to keep yourself busy is to hang out/take a walk with pets. Being with a furry friend can make you feel good while getting a little bit of exercise in as well. 

The fifth way to have some fun when you’re bored is to go on a trampoline (if you have one). Bouncing and jumping around on trampolines is very enjoyable and it is also a great cardio workout.