2020 Winter Carnival canceled


Pictured above are the five runners up from Winter Carnival 2019. After the pageant was over everyone who participated were allowed to celebrate the new winners at St. Nicholas Hall with friends and family. “I’m honestly so disappointed that Winter Carnival was canceled. It’s completely unnecessary to take away all of the fun things that you can only experience so many times during high school. First winter prom and now this, it’s just so frustrating and uncalled for. You could easily take precautions and still continue with doing the pageant. I know of so many girls that were looking forward to it, even I was and I’m not even allowed to run this year. It was my favorite opportunity that I received my junior year and being named Miss Congeniality was something so special to me. The memories I made with all of my friends were unforgettable and to have a once in a lifetime chance to participate as a junior being taken away just upsets me,” said senior Greta Snukis.

With Governor Wolfe’s new regulations, any activity that includes more than 10 people cannot happen. The Winter Carnival was canceled this year. 

Winter Carnival has been going on for 53 years. This is the first time it was canceled. 

Winter carnival has three categories: Snowdrop, Snowflake, and Queen of the snows. Snowdrop is for second and third graders, Snowflake is for juniors, and Queen of the snows is women outside of high school.

Last year around this time there were no COVID-19 cases, so juniors had the opportunity to participate. 

“I was really upset to hear Winter Carnival was cancelled. It was one of the best experiences of my life, so I hope the seniors and juniors get to run in 2022 so they don’t miss out,” said senior Allison Campion. 

“I think it is unfortunate that Winter Carnival has been cancelled this year. I had so much fun doing it and made so many friends so I feel awful for the juniors who wanted to do it. I hope that by next year Winter Carnival can return to its full glory,” said senior Julia Botto. 

Unfortunately, juniors who planned to be in the Winter Carnival won’t have the chance to this year. 

“I had planned on participating for the Winter Carnival for years. It was one of those events that I had looked forward to experiencing in high school since I have always been the type to want to try new things. I knew that the experience would be a once in a lifetime moment and it’s honestly devastating to hear such a traditional event has been canceled, but it’s for the best interest of everyone,” said junior Cienna Centano.