A Whole Lot of Snowflakes- Winter Carnival 2020


Rachel Snukis

Snowflake contestants pose while getting their photo taken at the fashion show. All of the girls were required to wear an outfit that best described them. “My favorite event so far was princess Saturday because that’s when I really started to get to know all the girls and started making friendships,” Campion said.

Every year, a panel of judges elect a Schuylkill County Snowdrop Princess, Snowflake Princess, and Queen of Snows. The judges consider poise, personality, voice projection and clarity as well as appearance.    

This year there are eighteen contestants competing for the prize of Snowflake Princess. These contestants are all juniors and come from Schuylkill Haven, Pottsville, North Schuylkill, Blue Mountain, Minersville, Tamaqua and Nativity BVM High school. 

From Pottsville, Juniors Julia Botto, Allison Campion and Greta Snukis are all running. “I decided to run for Winter Carnival because I knew this way I could meet a lot of new people and make new friends,” Campion said. 

This group of girls attends events such as a fashion show, judges reception and princess Saturday. At the judges reception and princess Saturday, the judges sit down and talk to the contestants about their interests, personality and goals. “My favorite event so far was the judges reception because it was nerve-racking yet fun getting to talk to the judges and the other contestants,” Botto said.

This year is the 53rd annual Pottsville Winter Carnival and the theme is “The Great Gatsby and 1920s”. “The 20’s are such an energetic age and it’s definitely my favorite time period in history, so I’m very happy to be participating this year,” Snukis said.

The 2020 Snowflake Princess will be chosen and crowned on February 1st in the PAHS auditorium.