How is the Tidelines Staff Coping?

Photo by Carly Mohl
Tidelines Staffer, freshman Carly Mohl is spending her quarantine outdoors with her puppy.
Photo by Madison Wright
Tidelines Staffer, freshman Madison Wright decided to get some exercise by taking a run through her neighborhood.
Photo by Vanessa Biddle
Tidelines Staffer, sophomore Tanya Johnson spent some time outdoors with friends at Centralia’s well-known “Graffiti Highway.”
Photo by Ava Jefferson
Tidelines Staffer, freshman Ava Jefferson enjoyed some time in the sun with her junior boyfriend, Patrick Yoder, while having a car wash.
Photo by Samantha Woodford
Tidelines Staffer, freshman Samantha Woodford went for a walk with her dog, Abby.
Photo by Alex Maley
Tidelines Staffer, freshman Alex Maley spent some time with his dog, Toby, by taking pictures of him with a pair of cool glasses.
Photo by Greta Snukis
Tidelines Editor-in-Chief, junior Greta Snukis had some fun taking pictures outside with her boyfriend, Gavin Holley, PAHS graduate of 2019. 


Important Note: If any PAHS students or teachers have photos of them doing interesting things during the quarantine and/or how they are spending their time, please email [email protected] or [email protected] with descriptions (who, what, when, where) as they are desperately needed for our 2021 yearbook spring section. Thank you!