Trying to survive the boredom


Photo by Chloe Heintz

Some students have been baking/cooking over the quarantine. On May 1, 2020, freshman Chloe Heintz made cookies to keep her from being bored. “Over the quarantine I have been spending a lot of time baking,” said Heintz.

Having too much free time is never a good thing. It causes people to become extremely bored and feel like they have nothing to do. 

Considering the COVID-19 outbreak has made it nearly impossible to go almost everywhere, students are still finding ways to work around the quarantine life. 

Freshman Chloe Heintz said, “Over the quarantine I have been FaceTiming a lot, watching Netflix, baking, and of course doing schoolwork. I try to keep as busy as I can even though the day can get boring.”  

A lot of students pass time by sleeping and going on their electronic devices such as their phones and TVs.  

Junior Jake Montgomery said, “I’m sleeping from 5am to 3pm, doing homework for 7 hours like a slave, wasting my time afterwards on my phone, and going to bed late for no reason.” 

Senior Jordyn Derbes said, “I didn’t expect quarantine to last so long, therefore I wasn’t too concerned during the first two weeks. However, as the reopen date kept getting pushed back and all the events I look forward to as a senior are cancelled, it really made me upset to think I won’t ever set foot back in PAHS. I’ve occupied myself by watching a lot of new shows and movies, as well as cooking/baking a lot. I take any opportunity I can to go outside, even if it’s just to drive around.” 

Sophomore Justice Lewis said, “I’ve just been staying inside and constantly working, but I have never been this bored in my life. Some things I like to do in my down time are sleep and watch TV.” 

Knowing the rules of being required to stay six feet apart, hanging out with family and close relatives is needed to keep a positive mindset. 

Sophomore Elizabeth Chattin said, “I have been spending time with my family and boyfriend. Other times I will be cleaning up the house and doing chores. If I get really bored I’ll watch Game of Thrones.