Tide Lines

Samantha Woodford looks at the gorgeous view of The Pinnacle. “I adore hiking, one of the ways I get fresh air during quarantine.”

Exploring the Pinnacle

ETC Staff Explores Nature
Samantha Woodford , Editor in Chief, ETC March 25, 2021

Did you know the Pinnacle is about a 9 mile hike found in Hamburg Pennsylvania? This is a loop hike using a section of the Appalachian Trail to climb to two rock outcroppings—Pulpit...

After testing positive for Covid-19 Samantha Woodford was quarantined for 14 days. While wondering what’s next, we have to stay occupied.

I Tested Positive, Now What?

January 15, 2021

“COVID is tough, but together Pennsylvanians are tougher. United, we can defeat the virus. You matter, and so do your actions. When we make good choices and follow health and safety measures, we see...

Sophomore Trinity Reedy shows off her coloring skills accompanied by her stuffed sloth, Barbecue Sauce. Trinity said, With the quarantine driving me insane, coloring with a stuffed sloth is one of my best options.

Boredom Busters

Emma Troutman, Staffer September 22, 2020

When you're cooped up in your house without a single thing to do, you can really grow bored with staring at the walls around you. Even when you have the hobbies you like at your disposal, they can often...

Some students have been baking/cooking over the quarantine. On May 1, 2020, freshman Chloe Heintz made cookies to keep her from being bored. “Over the quarantine I have been spending a lot of time baking,” said Heintz.

Trying to survive the boredom

Greta Snukis, Editor-in-Chief May 7, 2020

Having too much free time is never a good thing. It causes people to become extremely bored and feel like they have nothing to do.  Considering the COVID-19 outbreak has made it nearly impossible to...

School lunches still being served during the quarantine

May 6, 2020

Teachers are dedicated to making sure that students can get their school lunches during the quarantine.

Working at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru in St. Clair, senior Bella Woodford poses with a coffee. Woodford wears protective gear like gloves and a mask due the coronavirus outbreak. We have to sanitize our lockers where we keep our stuff and we have a plastic guard covering half the window. If we feel any symptoms, we have to call HR and we need to stay out for two weeks, Woodford said.

Working through the pandemic

Alison McCord, Staffer April 30, 2020

As of April 30, many fast food chains and other businesses still remain open during the COVID-19 outbreak. Governor Tom Wolf allowed certain businesses to remain open during the pandemic as long as it...

Victims inside abusive relationships may feel trapped, even like they are behind bars. During the COVID 19 pandemic victims are now quarantined in their homes with their abusers. Crystal Corby, a school based/outpatient therapist at the ReDCo Group said “It makes sense that during this time, fears and tensions can be elevated. These elevated feelings can have a negative impact on healthy relationships as well as abusive relationships. If a partner feels unsafe in their situation, it may be helpful to consider getting out.”

Abusive relationships during the COVID-19 outbreak

Samantha Woodford , Staffer April 23, 2020

Your eyes fill with tears. The partner who once supplied you with the feeling of tenderness, affection, and love now only transports pain. Your mind aches with every hurtful comment forced upon you thoughts....

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