Valentine’s Day celebrated at PAHS and JSC


Courtesy of Mim Albertini

Students received chocolate roses on Valentine’s day sent by friends. The roses were sold by the PAHS club AID.

At PAHS, AID, the school’s sorority sold chocolate roses for students and staff to buy for each other. Mrs. Meredith Pellish is the advisor of AID and this is her eighth year of advising the club. “My favorite part of advising AID is getting to work on service projects with a group of creative and intelligent young women,” she said.

AID sold chocolate roses which were ordered from CanDee’s Made to Order in Frackville. AID made a profit of $430 from the sale of the chocolate roses. They will be donating that entire amount to the PAHS Mini-Thon. “Selling the roses to raise money for Mini-Thon is a great example of clubs and separate groups of people coming together for a bigger cause,” said AID senior member Chloe Heintz “I think it’s great that we do this.”

PBIS awarded valentine themed prizes to those who were randomly selected tickets from the raffle box. Teachers who issued the winning crimson cash were also rewarded.

Aevidum gave all students and staff a Rice Krispy Treat on Valentine’s Day. “I believe that giving a treat to the students and faculty is so important because sometimes, we feel that we don’t have anyone around us that loves us, but Aevidum wants to reassure you that we do have your back and we’re here for anyone that needs it,” said junior Madison Eroh. The February valentines aevidum campaign was sponsored by Miller’s Distribution in St. Clair.

At JSC students spent the weeks leading up to Valentine’s day using their PRIDE cash to purchase Heart Grams, which were sponsored by their PTO. The Heart Grams include a friendly Valentine’s Day message and an eraser or bracelet. Students had the opportunity to send Heart Grams to another classmate or staff member. In addition, classrooms had Valentine’s Day celebrations in their classrooms, where students exchanged Valentine cards.

They also did a special segment on their morning news program “The Morning Splash”, where students discussed what they love about JSC. “Students were really excited to exchange Valentines and share what they love about our school!” Tayah Moore, first grade teacher and producer of The Morning Splash News, said, “JSC is the place to be!”

The staff had a gift exchange. “The staff gift exchange really made my day,” said third grade teacher, Mrs. Molly Kleeman, “I was so excited to go home and dump out my box of goodies!”