Students dance the night away at 2023 Winter prom


Prom King Parrish McFarland and Queen Gwen Biddle dance the night away. The two slow dance in the middle of the dancefloor in Saint Nicholas Hall.

(L-R) Lizzy Martinko, Julia Szeliga and Adelaide Dusel take a group photo together. They smile together while holding each other on the dance floor.
(L-R) John Snyder, Cullen Clarke, Luke Schane, Caden Wright, Evan Woodward, Ryan March and William Davis pose in their tuxedos in the St. Nicholas hall.
Katie Comisac, Sofia Rulavage, Anabella Chaklos and Ash Webb (L-F) posed in their gowns before attending St. Nicholas hall. “At the winter prom I had a great time.” Junior Annabella Chaklos said, “I really enjoyed being with all my friends. My favorite thing was actually the preparation for the prom. I love getting ready, doing my own makeup, matching my hair and
everything to my dress. I’d like a few better, more vintage songs for the prom like slow dance, maybe play some cliché 80s things. Overall it was a really fun time.”
(L-R) Senior Madison Wright, Alexandria Blum and Livia Hable energetically pose for a photo while waiting to attend the winter prom. “Maddie loves her Celsius drink so we had to get this cute picture together” Senior Livia Hable said,” We were basically saying, sponsor us as the picture was being taken and prom itself was such a fun experience. This was a memory caught in a picture we will all remember.”