Students Prepare for 2022 Art Show


Courtesy of Alex Maley

Outside of the art room 12 there is a big board of all different pieces of artwork. These pieces of artwork are done by multiple students that are involved in the art classes. Senior Gwen Hamilton said, “My piece modeled after synesthesia, a brain disorder that allows people to experience several senses at one time like hearing different sounds will result in seeing different colors, will be featured in the art show.”

The Art Show is an annual event at the Pottsville Area School District. The art show will be held on Friday, May 13 at John S. Clarke Elementary Center from 6 to 9 p.m. Artworks created by students throughout the district will be on display.

There was no art show for the 2019-2020 school year and the 2020-2021 Art show was held virtually. The 2021-2020 Art show is back in person.

There are two teachers in Pottsville Area High School that are involved in the art show, Mrs. Sara Arnold and Mrs. Karina Greenawalt. They have been preparing artworks for display at the art show. At PAHS, students choose which projects they want to put in the art show. If students don’t volunteer to submit their work, Mrs. Greenawalt and Mrs. Arnold will select a few projects. They will transport all of the artworks to the Elementary School on the morning of the event. Then, Mrs. Greenawalt and Mrs. Arnold will work with a team of students who volunteered to unpack and display all of the artwork in time for the art show.

Hamilton said, “I think it is a great way to show how kids’ imagination and creative ability grows over the years in school and different art classes challenging their minds to create art that would be out of their comfort zone.”

In the Pottsville Area Middle School there is one art teacher, Ms. Boncore, and she has been working all year to save artworks to display in the art show. High school students have been volunteering to give up their 9th period study hall to go to the middle school to help Ms. Boncore get ready for the show.

In the Pottsville Area Elementary School there is one art teacher, Mrs. Bosak. She has been working on preparations for the art show, and is going to make a collaborative rainbow self-portrait wall of the elementary students for the art show. Each student will make a mini self-portrait in a specific color of the rainbow and they will assemble it in rainbow order. The kindergarten students created rainbow flower paintings that are going to be assembled together as a collaborative piece. Elementary students are in the process of choosing their art show pieces and Mrs. Bosak is preparing them for the show as they are picked.

Hamilton said, “I love being involved in the art show. It gives me the opportunity to show off all of my hard work I have put in to create my many art projects. It also inspires others to take more art classes so they can see what is involved in those classes.”