Students await Spring Break


Courtesy of Ava Jefferson

Jefferson loves spending time with her dog Remi. Jefferson stated some of the things she did over break she said “During spring break I spent time with my family on Easter. We had dinner at my grandmother’s house with the rest of my family. I took some naps here and there, hung out with my friends and my dog.”

The first day of spring arrived on March 20th, making everyone look forward to spring break. Spring break is a vacation period including Easter in early spring at universities and schools. It is typically scheduled around the beginning or middle of the month of April so that students can get a bit of reprieve from hectic school responsibilities before finals and the last few weeks of the school year.

Junior Amaree Bainbridge said “I was looking forward to spring break. I planned on hanging out with some friends.”

When I talked with senior Jason Fermaintt he said “I most definitely was looking forward to spring break. I took my best friend to Miami with me for spring break.”

Junior Ava Jefferson said that she was definitely looking forward to spring break. She gave some insight into what spring break does for many students when she said “Junior year has been a lot of hard work and I’ve had a lot on my plate. I definitely soaked in the free time.”

For PASD spring break began on April 13th with an early dismissal and resumed on April 19th.

Jefferson said “It’s unfortunate we had to get some days taken away due to snow days but it’s nothing unusual due to the last couple years and our breaks being shorter.”

Students were not looking forward to coming back, but look forward to finishing off the school year on May 27th.

Jefferson added “I’m grateful we got the break we had, half day Wednesday and came back Tuesday. At least it was something!”

Fermaintt didn’t like that our spring break was shortened but he was positive and added “but honestly I just made the best of it.”

Bainbridge stated and looked towards the future and end goal and said “I didn’t mind it being shorter because we’re getting out on May 27th.”

The good thing about spring break is that it gave everyone a break to get away. Everyone got to get some rest, spend time with family and friends, and have a break from school. Then everyone came back to finish up the year. Now that everyone has returned there’s not much school left especially with keystones, AP testing and field trips. Which means that everyone’s favorite time of year, summer, is right around the corner!