Opinions on April Fools Pranking


Courtesy of Tanya Johnson

April fools is the day meant for tricks, making mischief but more importantly, tons of fun. There are some that relish the day while there are others who dislike it. April Fools pranking can be taken too far and can create situations that may encourage destructive or malicious behaviors. Mr. Raymond Yost said, “In my opinion, it is not appropriate for students to prank teachers. It is better to avoid scenarios that may result in a student being reprimanded for something that was avoidable in the first place. Depending on the severity of an incident, students engaging in pranks taken too far may receive consequences as minor as a formal warning and as severe as out-of-school suspension or even expulsion.”

April fools! This is what you exclaim when you prank someone on the day that is meant to trick people in your own creative way. Whether it’s rigging the kitchen sink so that it is spraying water in the face of your unsuspecting victim or terrifying your family members with last year’s Halloween ghost mask, April Fools Day is a day to create mischief and stir up trouble.

April Fools is loved by many although there are some opposed to the trickery. Those in favor of the pranking, see it as harmless fun, in which you prank your friends, family or teachers. Some see this holiday as a nuisance due to the concerns, such as, the justification for mean behavior or it can be used as a day that people engage in destructive behavior, destroying property and hurting themselves or others.

Dean Mr. Raymond Yost says, “I am not a fan of April Fool’s Day pranking. April Fool’s Day has the potential of creating situations that may encourage destructive or malicious behaviors. Oftentimes, the person doing the pranking takes the prank too far resulting in one or more upset individuals.”

With the concern of troublemaking extending to the classroom, some teachers are concerned with the small possibility that students could take pranking too far.

Mrs. Nicole Stiles said, “April Fools’ discussion is tough. There’s a very fine line to walk between innocent pranks and things that are upsetting/destructive/disruptive. I’m not a fan of pranks, period, so I would say that it’s not super school-appropriate to prank anyone. Fun fact: the French tradition is “poisson d’avril” (April Fish) – a day when everybody tries to tape a picture of a fish to everyone else’s back.”

Some students convey the good in April fools and how people can simply have fun playing pranks.
Junior Lillian Nelson says, “April Fools pranks is a good way to destress and make people laugh It can also help bring people together. But it could also be taken too far too. As long as someone celebrates it safely and responsibly, it can be a great holiday.”