Diversity Club rebounds


Diversity Club makes a comeback in October with many joining the club. Senior Kassidy Balulis says, “Students should join the diversity club because it takes you on a journey of acceptance, embracing your differences and what makes you unique, but best of all gives you a support system! joining a club like the diversity club can not only help you break out of your shell and out of your comfort zone, but it could inspire others to want to make a difference as well!”

Creativity. Acceptance. Empowerment. Those are the characteristics that make their club significant. Diversity Club makes a rebound coming back in October and it is hosted by Mrs. Maria Malek and Club President Kendra Spevak.

Students might be asking, why should I join the Diversity Club? 

Well firstly, the club takes an active role in getting to know it’s members. At the first meeting members were asked to introduce themselves with their name, preferred pronouns, how they were feeling and favorite color.

Senior Kendra Spevak says, “ It is a place to go to learn about yourself and others. It is an attempt to make the school more inclusive and safe. Students should join if they want a place to meet new people. We strive to be accepting of everybody. You get to have conversations with people with similar experiences, or completely new ones.” 

The club partakes in activities centered around a monthly topic, usually based off of a holiday or awareness day already taking place that month. 

Last month they had been spreading awareness about Indigenous Peoples’ Month by creating flyers with information and fun facts. The club meets afterschool to design flyers to spread awareness on themed months to talk about diverse topics. 

Senior Kassidy Balulis feels that flyers are a great way to spread awareness and she conveys the reason why she joined the club. 

 She says, “I love the flyers around the school! there is so much thought and creativity that students put into making them along with carrying a beyond amazing message! I would love to participate in making flyers and making awareness posters. I joined the diversity club due to personal experiences with hazing due to me driving a race car professionally. I struggled with being  the only female in a male dominated sport, so I was never treated fairly in the beginning, but as I progressed, I earned more respect as a driver. I never want anyone to feel like they don’t belong, so I created my own company and organization called Kuddle, which advocates making diversity more widely accepted. I contribute to our Diversity Club by giving them a tool for them to be able to hear other people’s stories and share their own all while making a difference!”

Spevak says, “Diversity Club’s main goal is to spread awareness, information, and representation.” According to their flyer, did you know that Alaska has the largest population of Native Americans in the United States, followed closely by Oklahoma? 

Currently, in the month of December they plan on celebrating various holidays with flyers of information and with art. They even plan on holding “Poetry Out Loud” an annual event held in January sponsored by Diversity Club. 

Junior Lucy Snyder says, “I love the poetry out loud even and event ideas. I definitely would do it. I think students should join the Diversity Club in order to learn about and help others. I joined in order to make a difference, pay it forward and learn about others.”

Diversity Club members are selling pins as a fundraiser during homeroom and lunch periods. They are pins that spread awareness for LGBTQ+, BLM, mental health awareness autism awareness and other causes.