Some take Keystones while others sleep in


Brock Regnier

Students worked hard to pass their keystone retakes. While many others got to sleep in. Maddy Forbes said “I was sleeping until 8:30 which isn’t normal for me. It was better for my mental health. For any normal school day I dread getting up. Recently it’s been fine because there’s no stress.”

Anyone who didn’t pass the literature, algebra or biology keystones in May had to retake them in the winter. You have to have a 1500 or higher to pass.

Junior Amaree Bainbridge said “I didn’t take any of these Keystones. I really don’t feel the test really shows you how smart someone is because some people just struggle taking tests for a long period of time. I personally never got anything out of them.”

For literature if you didn’t pass them you had to retake them December 2nd and 3rd. For algebra if you didn’t pass you had to retake them on December 7th and 8th. If you didn’t pass biology you had to retake them December 9th and 10th. Sophomore Brenna McGowan said “I had to take the biology keystones, and since I am in honors chemistry this year it was hard to remember some of the biology information. The keystones remind me to always try my best even if I feel I won’t do well.” Junior Jenea Lugo-Maurer said “I did have to retake the bio keystones. I dislike them a lot. They are very tiring and drain me. I don’t believe I get anything out of them.”

For algebra there were morning math groups Wednesday mornings during extended homeroom to help people prepare for the Keystones. For biology there were two study periods during homeroom, some science classes had biology reviews to do for review as well.

During the literature keystones everyone reported on time but it was different on algebra and biology testing days. For algebra and biology more people were testing so we operated on a 2 hour delay bell schedule.

On algebra and biology testing days students who were not testing and had transportation didn’t have to come in at normal time. They were able to come in between 9:50 and 9:55. McGowan said “I came in late on the algebra testing days, and it was so nice to sleep in!” Bainbridge said “I did get to come in late all four days and I love sleeping in so it was nice.” Literature days this wasn’t an option due to very few students retaking them. On algebra and biology days students not testing who came in at normal time reported to the cafeteria. Lugo-Maurer said “I didn’t have to go to the cafeteria because I had a ride each day. So I was able to come in late on the algebra days and I really enjoyed that.”

Any students who had to take the literature keystones reported to study hall and missed periods 1-3. If you were done at the end of third period you reported to 4th, if not you stayed for extended time till you finished.

Any students who tested the 7th-10th reported to homeroom, then when instructed reported to their designated testing room. Students were able to have extended time if needed. When instructed after testing if you didn’t need extended time you reported back to your homeroom. Students from the cafeteria and the ones who got to come in late went to their homeroom. Then we operated on our 2hr delay bell schedule.