Virtual learning opportunity


Brock Regnier

Students have the option to switch to full virtual learning very soon. This will cause a decrease in students in the school, and may cause almost empty classrooms. “I think having the option to be able to switch to virtual if needed is great. You can get your work done and be home at the same time, and your at less of a risk of getting sick” said sophomore Olivia Moser.

The last day of the first marking period is October 28th. It’s then that if you’re in person that you can become virtual. Anyone is allowed to switch to virtual as long as they can handle it academically. If you chose to be virtual you will have the same days off as if you’re in person. Virtual students can still participate in sports, and to become virtual a parent/guardian must request the change.

Some students don’t want to switch to virtual because they prefer to be in person for various reasons. Sophomore Brenna McGowan said “I will not be switching to virtual learning at all this year. I would stay in person because it is an easier environment focused on solely learning, without any distractions my house may have. I enjoy being in person because I can see my friends, and I stay much more organized this way.”

Sophomore Madison Eroh said “The only time I was ever virtual was when we did the hybrid system last year. I don’t plan on switching to virtual this year because I love going into school, and I feel that I learn better if I am in person. I’m very thankful that we’re able to go five days a week because I get to have classes with my friends which makes it more fun.”

Although some students prefer to stay in person, there are some students who prefer to become virtual. As one sophomore said “I think it’s a great possibility that I will switch to virtual. In person, I really don’t feel comfortable with the amount of COVID cases we seem to have and the amount of people that are quarantining. If I were to switch, it would be due to an abundance of things that I don’t enjoy about the way the school is handling things and because of COVID. I like seeing my friends but I don’t like having to possibly contract COVID to see them.”

Some teachers are teaching virtual but most aren’t. If a student switches to virtual, they may need to switch to some classes offered through the schools cyber partner, eBridge. Ebridge is an online program the Pottsville school district uses. Principal Tiffany said “I wouldn’t recommend switching back and forth each marking period. You may need to pivot between PAHS and eBridge courses and the curriculum may be different.”

Mrs. Cara Kelley said “I offer virtual, but I think virtual learning can be difficult and often disconnects you from your peers. It takes a lot of self discipline and drive to stay on top of things. Also, if a student is virtual, the student needs to self advocate and ask for help as soon as possible and whenever necessary.”