PAHS relaxed dress code


Photo by Tayla Jones

Sophomore Zowie Zokuskie, sits comfortably at her desk in a casual manner, due to the temporarily changed dress code.

Recently, students have been able to walk around PAHS without collared shirts due to the relaxed dress code.

Principal Mrs.Tiffany Hummel says “The dress code has been temporarily changed in light of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Since the high school is not air-conditioned, and fans are not recommended to circulate the air within the room, we decided that we wanted students and staff to be comfortable. This is the reason for the relaxed dress code we arrived at this decision after discussing the circumstances administratively.”

Students had a lot to say about the dress code.

Sophomore Emily Lucas had a positive reaction to the adjustment.

“Personally I like the dress code and even though we don’t have to wear collars I still do but it can be hard for students who can’t afford to buy new school clothes when it’s needed. I don’t mind having no dress code though. I think people do like the dress code more like this because it can allow people to be more creative with fashion choice.”

Sophomore Lillian Nelson agrees. “I feel like I have a little more freedom not having to wear collared shirts and that I can be comfortable in my clothes. I get cold very easily so I like wearing hoodies. Yes, I think more people like the dress code like this because they can wear what they want, be comfortable and express themselves however they want.”

When teachers were asked about the dress they had fairly good reactions.

Mr. Andrew Smink says, ”I think the temporary dress code is a good way to soften some of the discomfort many are likely feeling with the new regulations and procedures during the pandemic. I would assume most students appreciate the new temporary code.”

Mrs. Suzanne Sterner feels that the dress code is appropriate for these tough times. “I feel the temporary dress code is acceptable due to our current circumstances. Many parents may be experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19 , so not having to shop for new school clothes for their children may ease their financial burden. I believe that more people will like the relaxed dress code rules.”