Seniors Deal with COVID-19


Students in the student section cheered the varsity football team on to victory during the 2020 football season. COVID-19 has turned spectating sports virtual instead of attending in person. “Football Fridays were some of the best nights of my life, I miss going to the games after a long week of school and cheering the team on in the student section. The whole school comes together and we have a great time there. Definitely something I miss about high school,” said graduated student Clayton Demcher.

The COVID-19 virus has made this school year different from past years. This has been a new and difficult experience for everyone, especially the seniors. 

Classrooms are empty because some students attend school in person and others attend online. 

 “This year has obviously been pretty different than every other school year. The masks took a bit to get used to but they’re not that bad. Managing due dates online is pretty tough but I’m getting the hang of it. Later in the school year, I hope things get back to normal somewhat. I also hope we have our baseball season since we didn’t get to have one last year,” said senior Marcus Ashfield. 

The students are required to wear a mask all day to reduce the spread of the virus. Events like pep rallies and attending football games have been cancelled this year. 

“Well, I mean senior year really sucks this year because we don’t get any of the luxuries of seniors any other years. I don’t even get to see all of my friends in school. I hope that something will change in the near future that we can be at school full time and have a graduation and prom,” said senior Bobby Walchak.

By having both in person and online classes, students can multitask during school at home.

“I’m of the minority that has made peace with my senior year being disrupted. I’m a little sad I don’t get to carry out the traditions, but I don’t have the privilege to risk getting Covid. I’m cherishing the days I do go to school while also making the best of what I have at home,” said senior Lily McDonald.