Preparations Underway


Brock Regnier

Seniors Gwen Hamilton and Taylor Welsh help out by selling prom tickets. Tickets have been on sale at Pottsville Area High School since November 28th. Many students have been purchasing tickets for the upcoming event on Saturday, November 4th. Junior Chloe Heintz said, “I’m very excited for prom this year especially because we couldn’t have a Christmas prom last year”.

This Saturday from 7:30-10:30, the students of Pottsville Area High School will be moving across the dance floor at Saint Nicholas Hall. If you are attending, masks and photo ID are needed for entry to the facility.

The weather is getting colder and the night is getting longer. PAHS Holiday formal is right around the corner for seniors, juniors, and sophomores and their dates. Getting ready for the night requires some time and planning. For the seniors, this is their last chance to make the most of it at the Christmas prom. 

Some students of Pottsville have some things to look forward to. “ I’m really excited to be around my friends and make the most of the night”,  junior Abby Woodford said.

Covid has affected the ability to hold last year’s formal, but luckily this year Pottsville decided to have one under Covid 19 safety rules. Freshmen are not able to attend for the safety of all students. Sophomores are allowed to go if they are guests of PAHS juniors or seniors.  Students that decide to take a guest from a different school will be accepted if they fill out the paper regarding the information of the guest.

This year’s holiday formal is sponsored by PAHS Student Council. Senior Tanya Johnson said, “As treasurer of the student council, I’ve been helping out with tickets and counting the number of people going. So far only about 180 students bought tickets, which is less than 2 years ago, but understandable because of COVID-19. I hope this year’s Christmas Prom is fun and filled with many people.” Tickets are sold until December 3rd for the event and each is 30 dollars and is being sold in the library.

This year, the theme for prom is rose gold. Different objects such as table cloths, flowers, etc. will be decorated with rose gold or will have rose gold accents.