Out With the Old, In With the New


Courtesy of Tres Tacos

Très Tacos, Tequila, and Tapas had its grand opening on February 24, 2023. “Très has some well made food. It has a great variety of food with over 10 different types of tacos. The combination of homemade shells and blend of toppings tastes very good. I highly recommend checking out The rès.” said Cullen Clarke.

The smell of spicy foods, salsa, and great music might grab your attention when walking through downtown Pottsville. This is due to the new restaurant in town called TRÈS restaurant, ta thée newly renovated restaurant was once known as The Wheel. The Wheel was located in downtown Pottsville and featured a variety of grilled cheese dishes. Although the Wheel in downtown Pottsville is officially closed, one in Tamaqua remains open to the public.

“I think the Wheel was very good for the community but it’s even better now that we get a culturally relevant restaurant for the people of Schuylkill county. This is our chance to diversify downtown Pottsville,” sophomore Dominic Zembas said.

The new and upcoming restaurant, Très,has grown much popularity. Most are sad to see The Wheel leave, however they are excited for what the new menu has to offer. You can get grilled cheese anywhere, but not an empanada. The community of Pottsville is excited for the new restaurant.

“I’m excited about the new restaurant opening. It’s sad that we won’t have the wheel anymore but I’m happy we have more diverse food options,” said sophomore, Connor McGowan.

The TRÈS restaurant owners, who also owned the Wheel, wanted to change the concept quickly. They took Mexican food but added a twist to make the food more American. They sell seafood tacos, beef, chicken and pork tacos. One specific thing that stands out on the menu is the Big Mac inspired taco. One of their notable foods is their tapas, which are shareable appetizers that are not Mexican affiliated.

“As someone who is Hispanic, I think it will be nice to have somewhere to go when I’m craving a little bit of my culture. It’s great that the owners are trying to have an American spin on this restaurant without changing too much,” said Sophomore Elizabeth Ortiz .