Students Celebrate Christmas Traditions


Courtesy of Nick Sukenna

Giant red ornaments are decorated across from Radio City on 6th Avenue. Nick Sukenna spends his Christmas Day exploring the Big Apple.

Christmas is the time to spend with family and friends in which you celebrate the holiday. Every year, families have traditions that separate them from other families. Family traditions can be passed down from generations or you can just make your own.

Rayven Ciccanti is one of ten grandchildren in her family. Every Christmas Eve, Ciccanti’s grandmother would read the same wooden book, “The Night Before Christmas” to her family. With the recent passing of her grandmother, “I will be taking over the tradition for her,” Ciccanti said.

Every Christmas Nick Chivinski wakes up around 8:00 am. His grandparents meet at his house and the whole family will open the presents they got each other. After the presents, “my family will make Cinnabons and this is my favorite part about Christmas day,” said Chivinski. Finally, Chivinski and his family spend the day at his grandparent’s house.

Alaina Bauers spends her Christmas Eve at her grandparent’s house. Bauers and her family have dinner together and open one present each: pajamas. On Christmas day, Bauers goes back to her grandparent’s house and opens all of her presents. She also gives out individual presents to family members as well.

On Christmas Eve, Jes Siminitus hosts dinner at her house. “It’s really cozy and puts us all in the Christmas spirit,” said Siminitus. Jes and her family exchange gifts with her grandparents and then afterward they all attend church. Jes enjoys her time at church with her family because of the decorations and the quality time with family.

Christmas is Nick Sukenna and his family’s favorite holiday. Sukenna and his family head up to New York City every year for a day. Together, they check out the Christmas tree at Rockefeller center and explore the city.

On Christmas morning, Parrish McFarland makes breakfast with his family after giving each other presents. Afterward, McFarland goes to his aunt’s house to exchange gifts. Instead of a traditional Christmas dinner, McFarland and his family get Thai food. “It is honestly a lot better and I look forward to it every year,” McFarland said.