Half and Half – The Hybrid Plan


Photo by Catori Mike

Students sit inside Mrs. Watt’s classroom socially distanced during class. A lot of schools had to adjust to a hybrid plan because of socially distancing guidelines. Sophomore Kenzie Androshick (not pictured) said, “It overall just limited the things I could and couldn’t do. 2020 was not the year we expected.”

This year students have faced many difficulties, from the closure of schools to the cancellations of summer plans. However, we have made it through the quarantine and we returned back to the Pottsville Area School District using a hybrid plan.

The hybrid plan isn’t ideal, but it’s the best way to go back to school for the students at Pottsville.“I honestly really like it so far, I get to spend some time at home and work at my own pace but I still get social interaction and I have things to look forward to” said freshman, Emma Seiger.

Senior Caley Potts likes the quarantine for a different reason. “For me, I can work extra hours at the Hillside SPCA. I haven’t stopped working throughout this whole thing because the animals there need to be cared for” said senior, Caley Potts.

People canceled their plans and vacations for the summer. Some have rescheduled them, and others went with limited plans. 

Sophomore Ava Jefferson said, “I was supposed to go out of the country, but I had to cancel it due to the pandemic.”

“2020 hasn’t been the year that we hoped for, but all we can do is protect ourselves. It overall just limited the things I could and couldn’t do. My friends and I, like everyone else, couldn’t hang out for a while. a lot of places I planned on going shut down so i couldn’t go anymore”, said freshman Kenzie Androshick.